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Solution for Windows 7 Stuck on Welcome Screen

Updated on December 23, 2019
Windows 7 stuck on the "Welcome" screen.
Windows 7 stuck on the "Welcome" screen.

My quest, for a number of days, was to find a solution for Windows 7 (Home Premium, pre-installed on HP 620) getting stuck on the "Welcome" screen. This was not a single experience. Although I have had success stories repairing hardware and software faults on computers, I found this particular problem quite challenging.

An experienced technician or a computer engineer will not rest until he discovers multiple approaches to troubleshooting common but sometimes difficult computer problems. He will have no option other than to do so, after exhausting known conventional approaches and perhaps seeking the opinion of those in the same profession.

Microsoft Windows 7 is an operating system that is desired by many computer users and owners due to its features and simplicity. But some don’t dare to install it, because people call it “very difficult to maintain,” especially for its updating challenges. To me, it wasn't a daunting task. The solution is not hard to find.

I have used a number of its predecessors, especially Windows XP Professional, which I appreciate. Windows 7, however, won my devotion as my commitment grew online (well suited for it), and it’s also a great improvement in terms of features compared with the operating system it succeeded. Most of the challenges of Windows 7 are surmountable.

Steps Required to Solve the Problem

When I was first confronted with Windows 7 Home Premium getting stuck on the "Welcome" screen, I was advised to attempt a "startup repair," with options which included:

  • Booting the Computer from Safe Mode
  • Safe Mode with Networking
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • Start Windows Normally

I opted for the startup repair, and it did not take long for me to be taken to the log-on screen. This was quite a simple solution. Startup repair will take care of some issues that hinder the system from booting normally, for example conflict between Windows and existing software, especially third-party software like an anti-virus. I got stuck on the Welcome screen several times, and got bailed out repeating the same process.

Eventually, this simple solution stopped working. I had no option other than to do a hard re-boot starting my computer from safe mode.

To start a computer from Safe Mode, hit the F8 button after the system is switched on, just before the display of the "Welcome" screen. This will bypass the normal booting sequence of the computer system and work around existing issues that could be responsible for Windows getting stuck. Unfortunately, this did not work in my case, though I had testimonies from people it did work for.

When a computer is booted up from safe mode, it usually gives you the options listed below:

  1. Repair your computer
  2. Safe Mode
  3. Safe Mode with Networking
  4. Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  5. Enable boot logging
  6. Enable low-resolution video (640x480)
  7. Last known good configuration (advanced)
  8. Directory services restore mode
  9. Debugging mode
  10. Disable automatic restart on system failure
  11. Disable driver signature enforcement
  12. Start Windows normally

After trying different choices to no avail, I resorted to Option 7, “Last known good configuration (advanced),” Eventually, it did eventually reverse the situation, and Windows 7 progressed to a log-on screen.

The solution to Windows 7 being stuck involves different approaches, depending on the cause and the extent of damage to the operating system. The commonest factors are discussed below.


Causes of Windows 7 Getting Stuck at the Welcome Screen

1. Corrupt system drivers. When an existing driver needs an update or is corrupt, it can lead to the operating system getting stuck. From time to time, check the status of the system drivers, and upgrade them, or remove them completely if they aren't necessary.

2. Power outage. When a computer has no power back-up, to provide for sudden power outages, an outage may crash an operating system like Microsoft Windows, and even crash the hard drive. Once the battery of a laptop is dead, it should be changed immediately, or an alternative source of power should be sought to sustain the power supply before logging off. The same is true for a desktop computer. If you live in an area where the electricity is intermittent, please take this caution seriously.

3. System hardware. Windows getting stuck could also be a hardware issue, especially if it keeps recurring after a fresh operating system is installed.

4. Incompatible software. When incompatible software or programs are uploaded into a computer system, there will be a problem. Usually a message will warn you of this situation. You should take immediate action and pay attention to all error notifications.

5. Failure to update Windows. Microsoft is known for releasing periodic updates to forestall less-than-optimum performance of Windows. Users should accept this opportunity to safeguard computers from malicious invasion and obtain better performance. A system that has dormant for quite a long time could also be responsible for Stuck Windows Operating System.

6. Computer virus: The presence of a computer virus in a system can make the entire system freeze, or leave Windows stuck on the Welcome screen. To guard against this, you should install reliable anti-virus software and update it constantly.

Microsoft Windows Forum is a very useful tool that offers solutions to most Windows challenges. The "System Restore" option can also help solve Windows being stuck, as it can help you identify the cause of the problem so you can take remedial action.

Formatting the computer is a last resort when all other avenues fail to get Windows unstuck. To install a fresh operating system, the computer will have to be formatted, which means all personal storage will have to go. It can be very painful to lose all the information on a computer system. Therefore, before you resort to formatting the computer, it is advisable to consult an experienced computer engineer or technician to look for an alternative solution.

I hope the foregoing will give you an insight about what to do to if you find your Windows 7 device stuck at the "Welcome" screen. It might also help you take precautions that can avoid this experience.


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    • infotechnology profile imageAUTHOR

      Omogiade Stephen Nosakhare 

      3 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria.

      Thanks for your various comments. Diana, please contact your system customer care centre in your location for assistance.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I was getting stuck on welcome screen after I put in my password (windows 7)... I booted in safe mode, disabled my password, restarted and it booted no problem... hope this seemingly simply solution helps a person or two out.. I have no idea what the issue was

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I am unable to get the safe mode to open. what other options do I have?

    • infotechnology profile imageAUTHOR

      Omogiade Stephen Nosakhare 

      5 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria.

      amit, thanks for your comment. You may need the assistance of experienced PC technician.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Facing same problem every time i switch on the pc., safe mode works,but normal mode gets stuck every time on welcome screen..and don't have the windows cd,so no startup repair option.. And problem started due to power outage problem..any other solution??

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank You for your insights. I think I know now what has to be done.


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