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Undercover Secret Sleeve for Laptops, iPad and MacBooks

Updated on December 6, 2014

Since I do a lot of travelling for my work, I don't like leaving my laptop out when I have to leave the hotel room and so I found the perfect solution. Hide it in plain sight!

The Undercover Secret Laptop Sleeve allows me to put my computer into the "envelope" and leave it on the desk. I feel secure that no one is going to go snooping through an old beat up looking courier envelope.

What I Like About the Undercover Secret Laptop Sleeve

First off did I say I feel more secure leaving my laptop in the hotel room when I'm not there? As well it is made of tyvek so it protects the laptop very well. I like the lovely red lining too. Mostly I like that it doesn't look like your typical laptop sleeve.

The computer I have is a 15 inch laptop and it fits in the envelope with some room left over. Since it is very roomy, I can also stash my mouse, the cables as well as anything else such as a flash drive. The Velcro closing works very well and doesn't open by itself. It is also adjustable so if you have a bigger laptop I'm sure it will still fit.

And now you can get one for an iPod or cell phone but I haven't bought that one as yet. Perhaps it will show up as a birthday or Christmas gift (hint)!. Speaking of gifts, this is a great gift to give to someone you have a hard time buying for and I'm sure they will appreciate all the benefits it has to offer.

Undercover Mini Sleeve - Phone or iPod Cover
Undercover Mini Sleeve - Phone or iPod Cover

This is the perfect idea for anyone who wants to hide their cell phone or MP3 player in plain sight. Also great for hiding money or jewelry! It is even waterproof.

Luckies Undercover Tablet Edition
Luckies Undercover Tablet Edition

The perfect hiding place for you tablets. It makes a good cover as well to protect your tablet from getting scratched and as well can deter thieves. The cover is also tear proof, plash proof and writable.


Hide Your Laptop or Tablet


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