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Affordable Underwater Camera Cases

Updated on April 5, 2013

You Don't Have to Spend Thousands for an Underwater Camera Case

Underwater Camera Cases are a great way to protect your valuable camera and make it possible to capture amazing underwater photos. You can also use them to protect your camera in bad weather.

If you're ever seen prices for underwater housings for professional DSLRs, you might think you'll never be able to take your camera in the water because you can't afford thousands of dollars for the case alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of less expensive options that will work for snorkeling, swimming or using your camera near water. Whether you have a compact camera or an expensive DSLR, there's an affordable underwater housing for you.

Underwater camera cases also make great gifts for photographers. If you don't see one for your kind of camera, click through any product below to search through hundreds of the best housings available online.

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An Affordable Underwater Case for a DSLR - Housing fits any model

Individual underwater cases designed for specific camera models can easily cost over $1000 for a DSLR. And if you're a professional underwater photographer, it's definitely the only way to go. But if, say, you simply want to take your DSLR with you into the surf in Hawaii or Mexico, there are cheaper alternatives, such as this case.

It will fit any DSLR and can accommodate lenses up to 6 inches. It's only waterproof to 5 meters (16.4 feet), but that's fine for snorkeling, kayaking, boating, swimming or other water sports.

DiCAPac WP-S10 Pro DSLR Camera Series Waterproof Case
DiCAPac WP-S10 Pro DSLR Camera Series Waterproof Case

This waterproof camera housing has a port to accommodate lenses from 2 inches (50mm) to 6 inches (150mm) long and is tested safe for underwater use to 16.4 feet (5.0 m) for 30 minutes.


Cheap Waterproof Case for Point-and-Shoot Cameras - Take your own camera in the water

If you've been thinking about buying disposable underwater cameras for your beach vacation, think again. This underwater housing is less than $20 (about the same price you'd pay for two one-time-use waterproof film cameras with 27 frames each), but it will let you take your own camera with you into the water and take as many photos as you'd like.

Dicapac WP-ONE Point & Shoot Digital Camera Waterproof Case
Dicapac WP-ONE Point & Shoot Digital Camera Waterproof Case

Product description: The DiCAPac WP-H10 is an all-weather vinyl case for multipurpose use and 100% waterproof up to 16 feet (5 meters) deep! Constructed from thick, high-grade vinyl with a super clear window for using your PDA cell phone, digital camera, or simply use it to store items for protection from water and dirt. The DiCAPac waterproof case is designed to keep your things moisture-free in almost any environment. The patented "Roll & Velcro" zipper closure system provides two levels of protection to keep your case completely watertight, while the clear window and flexible material allows you to maintain complete control over your phone or camera's functions.


Practice With Your Underwater Camera Case

Before you jump in the ocean to take photos with your new waterproof case, read the instructions thoroughly, practice putting your camera in the case and sealing it tight, and test it in a sink, bathtub or swimming pool. That way you'll be ready for fun!

More Underwater Camera Cases - Find more waterproof housings on Amazon

Want to look at some other options? Here are a few more cases you can buy from Amazon.

Underwater Camera Case Reviews - Have you purchased any of these products?

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