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Unique iPhone Case Gift Ideas

Updated on February 27, 2016

Introduction - Whats your favourite iphone case

Welcome to the "Unique iphone case gift ideas" Hub Page, here you will find a growing collection of well designed and fashionable cases on the market.

In addition you will also find links to site that sell or produce custom iphone cases. Look no further if you are trying to find the perfect case for your personality or that unique and fashionable one for a gift.

This is not an exhausted list but enough to give you an idea whats out there and possible. For Ipad cases check out my other Hub Page: Unique ipad Case Gift Ideas

This Hub Page is a work in progress so please come again and see whats new.

Please leave comments or if you have found a website or cases that you think should be on this Hub.

Beer bottle opener iPhone case by Light bulb moments - iBottleopener Hard Case Iphone cover

Wow! Who would have thought an iPhone can be so versatile, When i first saw the iBottleopener, i was thinking " i wish i thought of that". One of the worlds great old inventions combined with one of the latest. The iBottleopener will sure change the way we live.

Product Description

The iBottlopener is a hard shell two part slider case for the iPhone 4. The iBottleopener has an integrated metal bottle opener molded into the case. The interior of the iBottleopener case is rubberized to protect the glass from any scratching while removing or installing the case. The bottle cap never comes in contact with your phone and the case is completely sealed under the opener to prevent moisture from coming in contact with the iPhone 4. Hard shell slider case.

ishoes iphone cases: Soft shells

This a fun iPhone case if ever i saw one, Perfect if you have kids or a big kids at heart. You can mix and match a colour or style for everyday or your personality.

The iShoe make your Iphone 4 stand out with this new customizable shoelace design. Explore your creativity with your own personal lacing methods. Personalize your own patterns from the simplest lacing to the most complex ones. Share your designs with friends and family.

  • 100% Nature friendly silicone shell protects your iPhone from scratches
  • Fits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • Durable and tear resistant.
  • Includes 1 decorative color lace.
  • Front screen protector film with LCD
  • Includes Cleaner
  • Made in Korea

Japanese Smartpet uses iphone as the face of a Robotic Dog

From Japanese toy manufacture Bandai, who were the brain child behind the "Tamagotchi" toys now creates the first iphone apps robotic toy dog. Launched in Japan on March 31 2012, The tamagotchi-like app uses the iPhone or the iPod Touch as the face of the virtual pet.

The smartpet is able to recognize your face and voice through the use of the iphones camera, with control of the dogs movements through the iphone's touch screen. Features of the virtual pet includes over 100 different facial animations with the ability to sneeze and other adorable sounds.

Currently there has not been a release date for North America, and may not even make it over here at all. But the iphone smartpet will be available on April 24 in Japan, for around $80.

Original article can be found at Japanese blog Macotakara. The blog contains features and promotional picture of the smartpet performing tricks and playing with a bone.

Unique iphone hard cases: Whats over the top?

Recently i have noticed a range for prices that you can pay for an iphone cases, now i am focusing on the hard cases but it can apply to some of the other types. The prices have ranged from $10 to over $100 USD. Now i am just wondering who is going to pay $100 for an iphone cases. It will have to be special.

Would you?

On average i would dish out $30-$40 for my iPhone case, it would have to be high quality too.

In terms of some of the fashionable cases around and maybe ones with a bit of "Bling". How much is over the top or is that the price you pay for individuality and fashion.

How much is too much for a high quality fashionable iPhone case?

See results

Uniquely designed phones by Japanese pop artist Yayoi Kusama


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