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usecase and Sequence diagram for student registration system

Updated on February 24, 2010

for learning purpose

Use case specification

  • Each user needs username and password to enter the system.
  • System will check the availability of username and password. System will only allow valid user to sign in.
  • If user forgets password he/she can reset password.
  • A main form will open containing all the relevant operations according to user’s status and type.
  • For registering new student.
  • Check the rights. Can a particular user has right to register new user.
  • f he has rights open the form and allow him to input all required data.
  • When user submits the form check validation and exceptions if there is error then report the user by message box and reopen the same form to correct the errors. If there is no error then submit to database.
  • Every student must have fee registration as well as a fee registration form will automatically open to fill. User must have to fill this form as well.
  • Fee registration from will extract all the data regarding to fee registration need.
  • Now system will able to maintain the data of student and his monthly fee.
  • User will able to update the student registration system, updating will help user to avoid the typing mistake or external input mistakes such as user enter name ila instead of ali.
  • User can also update the fee records, this updating process will responsible for calculation the dues. For example if the fee is added as the 2000 to system and dues were 5000. Now after paying the 2000 the net dues will be 3000. And user wants to add 1000 (user make mistake or want to reduce it), the dues should be 4000.

                        Net dues before paying fee = 5000

                       Fee paid = 2000

                       Net dues will overwrite and = 5000 – 2000 =3000

                       After updating user update 2000 to 1000

                      So net dues this time in database will be=3000


How the system will update it if the system subtracts the answer will be 2000, so the answer should be it’s hard to know should we add or subtract.


When the updating from will open all the previous details added will be in text boxes. System will perform task like this

                TemporaryNetdues = textboxnetdue.text;

                TemporaryFeepaid =textboxfeepaid.text;

                            //containing fee last time paid.

                          //User will edit the text box will give new value

                     If (TemporaryFeepaid > textboxfeepaid.text)


                          Find difference;

                         Add difference to TemporaryNetdues;

                         textboxnetdue.text = difference;




                           Find Difference;

                            Subtract to TemporaryNetdues;

                            textboxnetdue.text = difference;


  •  User can add the fee for every month; actually it’s for the monthly tuition fee. Every time when user will add monthly fee, system will check net dues and will deduct from netdues + fee_this_month
  • The user also has to settle the yearly course plan for each class. The number of subjects and there marks etc.
  • The user such as teacher will able to enter marks for each class. The total marks, obtain marks, percentage, position in class and grad will automatically will calculated by system. It is because to reduce the chance of error in calculations.
  • The system will check the validation and exception and will submit to database.
  • The user can edit the marks detail and can calculations will be according to new values in the form controls.
  • All the previous values will be in respective text boxes in editable form.
  • The system will check the validation calculates the calculations and will submit to data base.
  • User can view all the data in different views. User can see the record of each student. In this report there will be basic information from student registration fee and marks. It will show about student name, father name, Department, address, subjects etc also will show some part of fee that are status of student whether student has dues or not if so then will show.
  • User can view the details student registration of entire school in one page. It will contain only the student registration data. Report can be printed and save to pc.
  • User can view the overall result report of the student including all the data which is required for a proper result report of the student.
  • User can also view the result of all the students of particular class. So that the overall average of the class can be judged.
  • The user can sig out so that his rights should not use by anybody else.
  • The activity of use and time of sign in and log out will b recorded and will be store in database.
  • After being sig out all the forms that are opened and data he updated will close and next user can’t access them.


Sequence diagram

Sequence  Diagram
Sequence Diagram


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