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The Squidoo Logo

Updated on February 12, 2011

The Squidoo Logo (rules, etc.)

Squidoo(tm) is a trademark of Squidoo LLC.

And so is our logo. And so are all our new 'monster' logos.

It's very important (to us) that you use the Squidoo logo properly. Its only appropriate use is to reference goods and services offered by Squidoo LLC.

If we discover that you are using the word Squidoo or our logo to misrepresent a source of goods or services, we have to ask you to stop. On the other hand, you have our permission to reference Squidoo when you're talking about us or your work with us.

If you do use the logo, please link it to this page so that people can see that it is our trademark.

If you use the logo or the word Squidoo to sell a product or service to our community, be clear that it is an unofficial, unendorsed product. Our lawyers have kindly mentioned, though, that we must reserve the right to ask you to stop at any time... so don't build your life around it.

Last thing: if you do make money, please send some over to the charity of your choice. Thanks.

Quite Important:

You may not use the Squidoo logo (or anything that looks like the Squidoo logo) to state or imply sponsorship or endorsement by Squidoo for what you're doing.

So, be sure to state, "We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Squidoo LLC" and you're in.

Trademark law for amateurs - All our royalties go to charity, of course

Intellectual Property-Patents, Trademarks And Copyright in a Nutshell
Intellectual Property-Patents, Trademarks And Copyright in a Nutshell

You'll be amazed at how elegant and complex trademark law is. All those lawyers who are obsessed with TM and ® are missing the point.



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