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Desk Valet Chargers - Desktop Gadget Charging Stations

Updated on September 30, 2013

As technology advances and become increasingly smaller, more portable and as we in turn rely upon it more and more as part of our everyday work lives and for personal contact, it stands to reason we start to accumulate more and more must-have 'essential' tech items which start to clutter up our homes with wires and cables later when we return home.

If your home is anything like mine, then there's always a mess of gadgets plugged into wall sockets near tables and countertops, including an iPhone, Nintendo DS system (or two), iPods, GPS, bluetooth headset and PSP handheld console to name a few of the usual suspects.

Guys, you don't have to throw your stuff into this electronic tangle but can instead organize it all neatly in your bedroom with a valet charging stand or to your desk with a valet charging station. Let the rest of the family indulge in fights over wall socket availability or find someone 'accidentally' unplugged their gadget to charge their own. You can step outside the fray with a gentleman's valet stand with charging station combo or declutter your desk with a valet charging station organizer.

Desktop Valet Charging Station

Valet Charger Desk Organizers

Your desk top doesn't need to be cluttered with all your electronic gadgets whilst they charge. A desktop valet charging station is a type of desk organizer which not only provides a way to declutter cell phones, handheld video game consoles, iPod and MP3 players and other small portable electronics but also to charge them whilst them are neatly stowed away.

An electronics charging station like those shown below is ideal for a work desk, bedroom dresser or nightstand table, hall table or anywhere else where electronic gadgets tend to accumulate while they charge. If you are someone who walks in the door and throws your keys, smartphone, loose change and other pocket items on the kitchen counter, or on a hallway table or scatter stuff like this over a dressing table or bedside table then that's the place to put the valet charger organizer as it'll keep things neat and tidy and you can charge the electronic gadgets ready for use the next day.

Charging Desk Valet With Photo Holder

Many people like to put pictures of their family and especially children on their desk while at work or in their home office but they can end up cluttering up the desk and getting in the way. A desktop valet picture holder gives you all the benefits of a valet holder for cell phones etc. combined with being a decorative photo holder so you can have more room on your desk for other things. A cluttered desk is guaranteed to reduce productivity and eventually become annoying so these attractive valet tray chargers are ideal for the busy executive. They are also attractive on a hall table, or ideal for decluttering and organizing anywhere else in the house where you usually charge mobile devices and other small digital gadgets.

Valet Charging Trays

The Tray Style Valet Chargers For iPod, iPhone etc.

The nice thing about a desk top charging tray is the nice flat surface with a lip edge allows you to have more room for powering up larger items if you choose to do so. Regular valet power chargers are great, but if you have a bigger item like a kindle reader or a tablet computer then you are going to be somewhat out of luck as they provide a small shelf area for charging rather than a larger flat surface. Valet charging trays are ideal for holding larger size devices and also for future proofing should you later buy a larger device which doesn't fit a small valet organizer.

Gentleman's Valet Stand With Charging Station

A bedroom valet stand for men makes an ideal organizer for your suit, wallet, keys, watch and other personal items which will otherwise clutter up your bedroom, or get misplaced and make you late for work in the morning. It makes sense that someone took a suit valet stand or a valet chair and brought an antiquated piece of gentlemans furniture kicking and screaming into the modern age by combining it with a charging station. A gentleman's suit valet charging station will keep you suit wrinkle free, hold your cufflinks, watch, wallet etc. and provide a charging point for your cell phone, pager, bluetooth headset and all those other accoutrements of the modern day executive gent.

Valet Charger With Drawer

Most of us have other small bits and pieces associated with our mobile devices cluttering up our desks and coutertops. A valet organizer is great for holding a smartphone while it charges, or an iPod mp3 player, Nintendo DSi etc. but the little bits and bobs that often accompany them are still going to clutter up the place unless you buy a desk organizing charger with a drawer built in. These are great for holding small items like headphones but are also good for loose change from your pockets, keys, cufflinks, ID cards and jewelry items to name a few.

Mini Desktop Charging Station

Small Charging Valet For Executive Desk or Dresser

If you have lots and lots of small digital devices to charge then you probably want a large valet charging station. For many of us however, we have a mobile phone or a smartphone like an Apple iPhone or Blackberry which needs to be charged up overnight, and perhaps another gadget or two so you can save one some desk space with a small valet charging station. The average one of these is about half the width of the others out there so you've got more room for other items on your desk if you buy one of these.

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  • PearlieD profile image

    PearlieD 5 years ago

    These looks really stylish! I would not say No to one of those!

  • Camden1 profile image

    Camden1 6 years ago

    I would love to have a valet charging station - we have way too many cords and electronics scattered around the counters.

  • jdwheeler profile image

    jdwheeler 6 years ago

    These look very nice and handy. My wife always complains about my stuff being scattered all over the bedroom!