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Verizon Phone Hub System

Updated on December 28, 2014

Verizon's Hub

Verizon's Hub is a great addition to all homes!
Verizon's Hub is a great addition to all homes!

Its a smartphone for your Home!

Feel like your home phone has a number wheel? Feel like your phone just doesn’t keep up with the rest of your technology? I mean, your cell phone can do over 50 things in a little package, but what can your home phone do? Sure! You can write numbers on it and maybe set a few speed dials but what about all the cooler things out there? Some slightly more advanced can hold a number book and addresses too, but really this is what it will take to show that your technology inclined. Imagine the perfect house you can think of, and after seeing this, try to picture any perfect house without this system!

Verizon’s new House Phone Hub is the latest in smart home phone technology on the market! The design of it is simply flawless. The sleek, black case fits well into any home style. The phone is cordless with flat inward buttons, easy to dial and don’t get caught on your fingers. Built in speaker is loud and effectively placed. The large screen is the highlight of this home system. The LCD screen is crystal clear with an HD quality about it. The screen is a 100% touch screen-no mouse or mouse buttons involved. The design incorporates the features perfectly. Speaking about those, it has 8 easy to break down next level categories.


Messaging- This hub significantly interacts with Verizon plan cellphones. It enables the ability to message, sent photos, and even has the capability to send video. Keep in touch with the whole family with unlimited text, picture, and video messaging from the Verizon hub.

Movies- The hub enables you to search for movie titles, lets you watch trailers, and even locates theaters. Lastly, it even lets you purchase the tickets in just a few easy steps!

V CAST- On your Verizon Hub you have access to V CAST. V CAST allows you to watch the morning news, sports, or even chiefs- all different kinds of video clips can be found and all enjoyed from the Hub.

Traffic- Receive traffic information from your local area. Conditions are updated and directly refreshed on the system.

Chaperone- Parents or friends, watch where people are live from your hub. The hub can track cellphone locations and put them on a street map. Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind, this is one of the best tools for tracking out there!

Contacts- Keep all the information about a friend or family you need to know. Lets you store names, numbers, addresses, comments, and much much more! All is listed in a nicely organized easy-to-navigate place.

Calendar- Is there anything this can’t do? A built in calendar program allows you to set up notifications on the day something is happening. Helps remember Birthdays, weddings, and other important events! User friendly design makes it so anyone can learn to use it within minutes.

Display- The screen also can act as a high resolution digital picture frame.

Verizon Logo
Verizon Logo


1.Anonymous Call Rejection- automatically rejects incoming calls marked as anonymous.

          2.Call Logs- keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls and view them clearly on the display.

          3.Set Backup Number- should your phone connection be lost, send your calls to a backup number so you never miss a call.

          4.Scheduled Call Forwarding- tell your Verizon Hub to forward any incoming calls to any other number. 

          5.Speed Dialing- store frequently dialed numbers to quickly call any number.

          6.Unlimited Nationwide Calling- call anyone, anywhere in the US!

          7.Do Not Disturb- automatically forwards to your voice mail.

          8.Visual Voice Mail- see the messages before you listen to them, or decide to not listen to them at all!

          9.International Call Block- block all international calls you want! No more calls from India or Iraq.


Stay in Control- Don’t lose important numbers or information, access all of your applications from My Verizon.

Control Plan Changes- Update messages and do not call lists.

Personalize Your Hub- create a digital slideshow of pictures on your hub, or set personal ringtones for assigned numbers.

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

Hub: Height 9” Width: 12” Depth: 0.5” Weight: 1.5lb

Phone: Height 7” Width: 3” Depth: 0.5” Weight: 0.5lb


-500 MHz Dual MicroPro Processor

-128 MB of RAM for storage

-2MB reserved for ringtones

-Up to 128 address book entries

-Log up to 100 incoming/100 outgoing calls


-(1) 10/100 EthernetPort

-(1) 802.11b / g wireless client interface

-802.1x connectivity support for WEP, WPA, WPA2 and QoS


Supported Image Formats:








-1.8” QCIF + TFT LCD screen

-(1) 2.5 mm Audio Out+ microphone

-Images: BMP

-MP3 Audio 16-bit 32kHz Mono

Port Connections:


-Support for ITU standard H.263 and H.264. AMR video codes and Picture in Picture.

-Supported Video Formats:


-Sorenson On2




-High-quality full duplex speaker and microphone

-Supported Audio Formats:




7” WVGA LCD screen (800 x 480 pixels) at 16-Bit color with alpha blending.

Verizon's Hub has many possibilities!
Verizon's Hub has many possibilities!

The Plan Package

The Verizon Hub plan is simpler then it seems. The Hub itself is $199.99 After a $50 online discount (with a 2 year contract). The contract is for Digital Voice, which is one consolidated bill with unlimited calls in the U.S. and Canada and unlimited messages to Verizon Wireless customers. The cost of it all is $34.99 for monthly access.

The Verizon Hub may revolutionize the way home phones are looked at and appear. With the Verizon name behind you, you have a great company with excellent customer service and technicians that help you work out any problems you might have with the product.

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Verizon Hub Video (First Look)


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