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Video Transfer

Updated on August 8, 2013

Do You Have Old Family Videos?

There is a lot of those fun family moments that we caught on video over the years and I bet that is the same with you. This is all great, but it can be problematic to watch old videos. Specially if you shot it with 8mm, 9.5mm or 16mm tape. If your old camera or projector doesn't work anymore, it's almost impossible to watch those videos. After all, this days everything is digital and you can't just get old technology anymore.

The solution for this video transfer. Video transfer service can make a digital copy of your old videos and put it on DVD. How cool is that? This service makes it possible to watch old family movies on computer or DVD player.

What Is Video Transfer?

If you have old home videos of christenings, birthdays, weddings or just random family videos on VHS, 8mm, 9.5mm or 16mm cine, then you probably can't watch it anymore. What you can do is to take it to video transfer service that will turn them into digital version on put on DVD.

They use so called "transvideo" process to transfer video from cine to DVD. They can't copy it directly from VHS tapes or projector, so they hook it on CCD imaging technology to make best quality copies possible.

Make Copies - Share it with family and friends.

After you put all that time and money for video transfer from cine to DVD, it's time to make some copies and share it with your family of friends. I pretty sure they would love a copy. To do that, you will need some empty DVDs. You can also get empty cases to protect that copies.

TDK 16X DVD-R 50 Pack Spindle
TDK 16X DVD-R 50 Pack Spindle

This is really big case of empty DVDs. This should be enough to make copies for everyone.


Oh No, My Video Is Damaged

We have some of those videos around the house for years and we often move them from one part of the house to another. It's not unusual for them to get damaged. But don't worry, they can be saved. Well, at least in most cases.

If you take your video to video transfer service, they can save most of your damaged videos. Even if your videos are defected, they can be saved. They can also adjust contrast and brightness, and correct tone and color. If needed, then can also edit video and add intros and titles.

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What About Slides?

Do you remember those times when whole family got together and watched slides from vacations, weddings and other events? Those were fun times. Those were fun times, but they are over now. But it would be shame if you couldn't watch all those great pictures anymore.

What you can do, its to take slides to video transfer service, where they can scan them and put them in digital format. And if necessary, they can also retouch them and make them much better. Now you will be able to watch those picture on computer, share them with friends and family and even with your Facebook friends.

Welcome to my lens. I hope you learned something new about video transfer. In case you still have some questions, just leave them here and I'll do my best to provide you with answers. In case you just have a comment or two, you can also leave them here.

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