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Virtual Reality For Beginners: Change Is Coming

Updated on September 30, 2016

Do you think virtual reality is going to be big?

I’ve been mulling over virtual reality like a pit-bull chewing on an old soup bone for the last couple of months.

Actually my mulling began when I was stuck in traffic. To pass the time, I listen to the Tony Robbins podcast, and in one episode Tony was talking about VR.

The podcast was about positioning, and how the virtual reality market is expected to grow into millions of VR users over the next few years.

Hmm...That is, if you believe the hype of all the speculators about virtual reality, which I do.

I've Been Infected By the VR Bug

After I was infected with the VR bug, I started researching.

Isn’t if funny how when you want to buy a specific car you start seeing the same car everywhere?

Well, that’s what’s been happening to me with virtual reality. Now that I’m interested in VR technology, I’m starting to see articles everywhere about new virtual reality use cases.

Before I listened to Tony's podcast about virtual reality, VR was a buzzword to me. Now I’m total immersed and I’ve already purchased two VR Headsets so I will be ready to experience all the coolness Tony was talking about.

Bring on NFL Football in 360 virtual reality!

VR Will Be Everywhere

BTW, there are literally hundreds of VR Headsets to pick from on Amazon. You can buy a VR headset that uses a cellphone (Android or iPhone) as the screen.Or an all-in-one headset that has a built in screen. Or if you really want to break the bank, you can go all the way in with the Oculus Rift; which is a headset that connects to your personal computer and will really blow your mind.

After I played around with my VR headset for a few days, I wanted to find out more about where virtual reality is going. What I found was tremendous...

Virtual Reality Content Creators

Virtual Reality content creators are sprouting up everywhere. And virtual reality jobs include programmers, systems administrators, writers, camera men, producers and a list of job names you’ve never heard of before, to do jobs we’ve never imagined.

I’ll be keeping my attention focused on VR for at least another years because I know as an IT manager, VR will eventually impact me somehow.

I can already see the need to expand storage for giant 4K video files or building servers for special software to do video rendering.

Somewhere down the road I know VR is lurking in my future. But I’m ready, and looking forward to learning skills.

VR Will Change How Live, Play & Learn

Just, like the Internet changed the world. And then the mobile phone changed society. We’re on the verge of another tech revolution with virtual reality where we're only beginning to imagine how VR can and will be used.

Do you think virtual reality is going to be big? I may be wrong but I do.

VR Headset


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