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Vizio 26 LED TV | Razor | HDTV | Review

Updated on February 26, 2013

Compare Vizio 26 LED HDTV's- Check Out the Reviews

If you are looking for information on Vizio 26 LED TV? Then you've come to the right place.You've found the right place! Here you will find Vizio 26 LED HDTV, Vizio 26 Razor LED, Vizio 26 LED Review and much more!

So, don't let another football season get away without that Vizio 26 LED TV sitting right in front of you.

Read our reviews of Vizio 26 LED TV on this page - some video reviews also!

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Vizio 26 inch LED HDTV

Buyer Comments:"Super sharp Hi-def picture. Set up in the family room. White screen makes the television almost disappear when not in use. But when it is on, it demands attention because of the crisp pic."

Features Includes:

720p HD with Razor LED lighting for brilliant color and contrast

Less than 2.3" thin (max depth 5.86" with stand)

SRS TruVolume and SRS TruSurround HD audio

Ambient Light Sensing technology

Exceeds Energy Star 4.0 guidelines


Click to check out the Vizio 26 Razor LED

Vizio 26 Razor Reviews

Buyer Comments:

"This TV is great! It is plenty big for a bedroom, and very crisp. The picture is perfect, the only flaw is the sound. The speakers in it could be a little better, but they are still not terrible. Overall, this tv was easily worth the cost. Vizio is doing something right and they keep me with them, this is my 3rd Vizio TV and they are all great."

"I had a smaller Vizio that was great but too small for my room. I read many reviews about the 26in and they sounded good except some thought the sound quality was lacking. To my pleasure the sound is great as well as the whole TV. I feel this brand is superior compared to Samsung which is too expensive and then a Sony that a relative had and I didn't care for the picture quality as well as this. You'll love it!!"

"I bought this television for my daughter's dorm room. It's the perfect size and the picture quality is excellent (dorm cable feed, notwithstanding). I haven't seen it in its true HD "glory" but the sleek design and size is perfect. GREAT TV for a GREAT price."

Vizio 26 HDTV Review

Buyer Comments:

"I bought this Vizio because I needed a decent sized tv that was relatively cheap but would also fit into a dorm room. The picture quality is excellent and the difference between this tv's 720p and other 1080p is negligible. At first colors looked a little washed out on my 360 but after fiddling with the tv/xbox settings it now looks superb. The size of the tv is also is lightweight and is super slim.

The only thing that could be improved on is the speakers which imo are still a lot better than most tv's in this price range/size. It sounds a little hollow and could use more bass but overall it isn't too bad (it helps to turn off srs surround and switch to rock equalizer). Volume also isn't too big of an issue with this tv like on other tv's since this has front facing speakers as opposed to rear speakers.

There is also very little lag or ghosting at 8ms and 60ghz refresh rates. Highly recommended if you are looking for a tv that is cost efficient and has good picture quality."

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