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How to Watch Videos Faster and Increase Your Productivity using FREE Tools

Updated on May 12, 2016

Why would you want to watch videos faster? To save time and increase productivity

Why would one want to watch videos faster? Well, in the case of music or movies, you wouldn't want to watch them faster as it would ruin the experience. However, in the case of learning videos, it pains me to watch a video at normal speed. I want to learn faster and get through the current video and get to the next one.

One solution to watching a video faster is by buying a program called MySpeed by Enounce. The cheaper version is $29 but it doesn't work for Quicktime files. The fully functioning premier version is $99 - ouch.

With much trial and error, I have found a way to watch videos at a faster speed using FREE tools. Here is my solution.

Step 1 - Download the Video to your Hard Drive

In order to watch the videos at a faster speed, the solution I've found requires the video files to be stored on your hard drive.  If you have the video file already on your hard drive, then go directly to Step 2.  If the video you want to watch is on the Internet, then the downloading of the video can usually be accomplished by using one of two firefox plugins.

First, install the DownloadHelper plugin.  This plugin installs a download button to the left of the address box in Firefox and has a clickable menu that allows you to download a video that is playing in the Firefox browser window.  While this works with about 90% of online video, it doesn't work for all videos.

As a backup, install the NetVideoHunter plugin.  This plugin installs in the bottom of the Firefox browser and also allows you to download videos that are playing in the browser.  When DownloadHelper doesn't work, then NetVideoHunter usually does.  I've only had neither program work in very rare cases.

Before proceeding, I want to be clear that I am not encouraging pirating and distributing online content.  This method is to be used to download the file for your personal use and the downloaded videos should not be distributed.

Step 2 - Install the Free GOM Player

The 2nd step is to download and install the Free GOM Player.  The program is available for Windows versions 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7 and can be downloaded here:

After installing the GOM Player, start the player and click Open Button in the lower left corner.  Open a video file and it will autostart.

To speed up the playback, click the Control Panel button and then the Control tab in the Control Panel.

In the lowerleft hand corner find the Playback speed and click Fast.  Each click will change the playback speed faster, first to 1.1, then 1.2, and so on.  Usually, I can watch a video at 1.6 or 1.7 speed and still understand the speaker and the content of the video.  At 1.7 speed, viewing the video will take approximately 60% of the time to watch it at it's originally speed.  In a 20 minute video, that's 8 minutes saved!

Occasionally I can even get up to 2.0 speed and watch a video in half the time.  Watching learning and instructional videos at faster speeds has greatly increased my productivity and I hope it will help you too.


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