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How to Easily Make Your Computer Run Faster For Free

Updated on October 9, 2015

Do you want your computer to run faster?

Is your computer been slow lately? Did it take your computer 5 minutes just to load this article?

Almost everyone will experience this, and it can get very annoying very fast, especially when you need something done.

There are tools already built into your computer that can help make your computer faster. Right now, you might not know what they do or that they even exist, but you will!

Don't let this be you.
Don't let this be you. | Source

All These Tools Are Free and Easy To Use


Defragamenting your computer helps because files on your computer start to fragment after a while. Fragmentation occurs when the file system cannot or just won't give enough adjacent space to store a complete file as a unit. It instead puts parts of it in gaps between other files.Larger files and more files also contribute to fragmentation and performance loss.

A windows Defragmenter is most likely on your PC already. You can usually find it in Control Panel-Performance or you can search it. All you have to do is just press the start button to get the defrag going. The time it takes will range between 5-10 minutes all the way to up to 30 minutes, depending on how many files are on your hard drive that are fragmented.This should make your programs open up faster and your computer start faster.

If you're moving files around constantly and downloading/uninstalling programs, you should defrag your HDD drive every few days. If not, every 1-2 weeks you should defrag. Don't defragament your SSD unless your manual says so otherwise. It will reduce the lifespan of your SSD.

Alternatively, if you don't like the windows one (me!) you can get one online for free. I personally use Auslogics Disk Defrag, but you can get any one with a good reputation.


Disc Cleanup

If your computer is like most, you have a lot of useless and "temporary" files. You can use Disc Cleanup to remove some. To get to disc cleanup, go to the Control Panel-Performance or search it on your computer. Choose "my files only". Now just wait for a little bit. Sometimes this can take while. Then choose which files you want to Clean and then delete them.

This should help your computer run faster. It'll also clear up some space if you need to install more programs.

Again, I don't use the base Windows one and I use CCleaner instead. Click here to go to their website.

Quick Tip

Don't Forgot To Simply Restart Your Computer Occasionally

Remove Viruses

Viruses can make your computer slow down by running in the background. They can also steal your personal information, which obviously you don't want. To remove them you can get Anti-Virus programs to scan your computer and then you can remove viruses, if there are any (if you don't have any, congratulations!).

I personally use Comodo Antivirus on my computer, and my family also uses it. Beware of fake Antivirus though, as they will put viruses on your computer. Look for one with a good reputation to avoid this.

Norton Security Premium - 10 Device [Key Card] - 2019 Ready
Norton Security Premium - 10 Device [Key Card] - 2019 Ready

10 devices and a one year subscription for Norton Antivirus.



Spyware can slow down your computer and you can get it just by surfing the internet. They can track what sites you go to. Have you noticed that sometimes you visit websites about something (for example; aquariums) and the advertisements actually end up advertising aquariums and aquarium related things?

They generally aren't as dangerous as virus/malware, but you still don't want them. I personally use Spybot Search and Destroy (there will be a link to this below), and it finds spyware all the time in my computer.

Internet Issue?

This isn't a quick fix and requires a bit more work to complete, but the results can be amazing. Internet issues could be completely unrelated with your computer, but there is a possibility that there is something wrong.

To diagnose this, go here ( and check your internet speed. If you don't trust that link I just gave you (perfectly understandable), just search it up on the internet. You need to check how fast your internet speed is supposed to be. It could be on your bill from your Internet Service Provider.

If it's very slow, the first thing I would recommend is use Speedtest on a different computer or device to see if there is a problem with your computer or with your internet itself. If your other devices have normal internet speeds, then there is likely wrong with something with your computer. If your internet is wired, so there is a Ethernet cable connected to your computer, then shut down your computer, unplug it and plug it back in. If it's wireless, try restarting or disconnecting and reconnecting to your WI-FI.

If none if these work, there could be an internal problem with the network cards, which you'll have to replace. Sometimes that is difficult and I would recommend researching more specifically on how to do that.

There could also be a problem with your ISP, which you'll have to talk to them about. | Source
Welcome back, Windows 98!
Welcome back, Windows 98! | Source

Graphic Settings

Out of all the above tools, this one isn't something everyone wants to do. This will make your Windows with all its nice modern looks looks turn into a Windows 98 throwback. No more fancy animations, nothing. I have done it because I'm trying to make the most out of my computer that is 12 years old

Adjusting your windows graphics setting is very simple. On Windows 10 all you have to do is to search performance in the magnifying glass icon on the bottom bar. Click "adjust the appearance and performance of Windows". Click the box that says "adjust for best performance". It'll take a few seconds to adjust, and then it'll be done. It's gonna be old school!

If you don't have Windows 10, you can go through the Control Panel to find it normally in the Performance area.

Quick Tip

Keep your computer cool

Registry Fixes

Your registry is a big database of details about your computer. Basically everything you do is recorded in your computer's registry.

Your computer creates tons of these entries to your registry, but rarely removes them after they aren't needed. This creates a ton of useless registry entries you don't really need, slowing your system.

Before you try this, I'm going to give you a warning, as this is a bit more risky than the other options I've shown you, and it isn't guaranteed to give a speed boost (depending on the state of your registry). Continue at your own risk.

You won't need to do this more than once every month. Before you start, I can't stress enough to make sure you back up your registry/computer before beginning the fixes. If anything goes wrong, which is a possibility, you can use that restore point to get your computer working again. For your registry program, there's a list of free and paid programs here. That list is by no means comprehensive so you should look around for others, that list is more of a starting point.


Really easy to do, but often forgotten. Always update things when they ask you, as long as you know what they are. They can optimize the programs and also make them safer and remove vulnerabilities that could result in your computer getting viruses, which can really slow your computer down. Common things that get updated are things like: Browsers, Flash/Java player, Windows itself, and anti-viruses.

You can also update your drivers if you're comfortable with it. Drivers are what allows things like your CPU and GPU to communicate with your computer. When new updates come out, they usually optimize it to work better. In gaming especially, this helps out a lot.

Quick Tip

Uninstall Unneeded Programs. Freeing up space can have a small effect on your computers performance.

Quick Recap

Low (if SSD, don't do)
Clean Junk Files
Remove Virus
Medium (but you should be removing viruses not just for speed, but for your safety)
Remove Spyware
Internet Issues
Low (but takes a decent chunk of time)
Graphics Settings
Low-High (depending on your registry)
All of these are free unless you want to pay for a better program!


Did these tips speed up your computer?

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What worked the best for you? Anything I missed?

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