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Waze App Review

Updated on February 2, 2015
waze icon
waze icon | Source

What is Waze?

Waze is a free GPS driving app that allows users to report traffic conditions in real time. Waze users are able to report accidents, traffic, road blocks and even police locations. This is a unique mobile navigational system because Waze user activity is being shown on the mobile map as you drive. Waze users are even able to message each other through the Waze app. Since traffic is being updated in real time by people actually on on the road, there is no delay in traffic reporting or road conditions.

Integrate Waze with Google Maps

Last year, the Waze app was acuired by Google. Google's mobile navigational system Google maps, has been the long time dominant player and market shareholder in GPS navigational systems for mobile devices. Google maps allows you to navigate an area from a pedestrian or driver perspective. An issue drivers had using while using Google Maps was not being able to report traffic changes or routing quality, especially in rural areas. The Waze app actually allows users to edit the navigational map to assist other Waze drivers.

Since acquiring Waze, Google has integrated the crowd source traffic from Waze into Google Maps. Google Maps users still have to report and confirm accidents through the Waze app. You can now easily access the Waze app through Google Maps for further integration. Please see instructions below to learn how to integrate Waze with Google Maps

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Google Maps Image 1Google Maps Image 2
Google Maps Image 1
Google Maps Image 1 | Source
Google Maps Image 2
Google Maps Image 2 | Source

Integrate Waze with Google Maps Instructions

1. Download the Waze app for the iphone from the Apple app store or from Google play for the Android phone

2. Install the app

3. Type in an address location into Google maps, click on the location on the map. On the location information page, click on the link "directions to here" or "directions from here". On the directions page, "hit the route button" in the right hand corner

4. On the overview map screenshot of the route, there are three buttons at the top: Drive, Walk, and Apps (see image 1 below). Click on the Apps icon

5. The screen should list all installed navigation apps that are on your phone including Waze. Click on the route button next to the Waze icon (see image 2 below)

Waze App Review

I have been a long time Google Maps user and recently made the switch to using the Waze App while driving. I think it is a great navigational app! The Waze app has a very fun and user friendly interface. I love that you can easily change routes if traffic is being reported. I also like that I have easy access to my saved locations as well as any gas stations. Since Waze is built on community data sharing, the traffic reporting and accidents are extremely accurate.

Although I have made the full switch to using Waze as my dominate driving app, I still use Google Maps for walking. Google Maps has a superior user interface for pedestrian usage. Now that you can integrate Waze with Google Maps, you can use both apps together to streamline your navigational needs. Waze should work on making its user interface more friendly to pedestrians. This would foster a larger market share of younger populations living in urban areas without cars since this is already the apps targeted demographic. The community sharing platform would work well if used for information updates on public transit.

Waze App
Standard Google Maps
User Friendly - driving
User Friendly - pedestrian
Accurate Traffic Reporting
Alternative Route Information
Real Time Information Reporting
Location Sharing Services
Alternative Map View Options
Accurate Location Search Results
waze app vs. standard google maps

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screen shot of waze app menu
screen shot of waze app menu | Source

How to Use the Waze App

Navigation Button

  • Type in the address where you want to navigate to
  • You are able to save locations and you can easily access your saved favorites locations, friends, and a gas station
  • A safety feature built in the app will make you confirm that you are the passenger if you attempt to type in the address while in a moving vehicle
  • Options for alternative routes are provided
  • The alternative route options are listed in order of time to reach destination


  • The share button allows you to share your exact location with contacts or Waze friends
  • Each route lists the roads used for the route and any events that have been reported for the route
  • You can send an exact location and eta via text to anyone in your contacts. You can share your home location, work location, current location, or destination

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screenshot of waze app scoreboard levelsscreenshot of waze app mood icons screenshot of waze teams
screenshot of waze app scoreboard levels
screenshot of waze app scoreboard levels | Source
screenshot of waze app mood icons
screenshot of waze app mood icons | Source
screenshot of waze teams
screenshot of waze teams | Source

Waze Map Editor

Additional Waze Tools and Features

Waze Scoreboard

  • As you use Waze more often, you advance to a higher level which unlocks higher permission levels
  • This gives you access to more navigational options and your driver reporting will have a greater influence on routing.

Waze Mood

  • When you reach a certain level, you can personalize your icon display or "mood"
  • This is the icon being displayed in to other Waze drivers

Waze Teams

  • You can form or join Waze teams to get traffic reporting from a specific group

Waze Settings

  • Change the display settings so you are not visible to other Waze users

Waze Voice Commands

  • Report traffic conditions or change navigation through voice commands

Rate the Waze App

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Waze App

© 2015 Mary Ellen Block

I would love to hear from you! Would you recommend the Waze app?

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    • DaveIDLE profile image

      Dave 3 years ago from San Diego, California

      Oh wow, this app sounds neat. I'm going to try it on my way to work tomorrow. Hopefully it'll cut some time out. Thanks for sharing!