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8 Sites Like Nyan Cat

Updated on July 13, 2016
Cheeky Kid profile image

Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut who spends a lot of time browsing the web, grasping at infinite information and reveling in entertainment and fun.

Nyan Cat: The Pop-Tart Cat
Nyan Cat: The Pop-Tart Cat | Source

Nyan Cat: The Pop-Tart Cat

The search for sites like Nyan.Cat is at its peak as the wacky websites are coming and multiplying to give you the fun of your life. Not to mention, annoyance and laughter can be interchangeably set for these sites like Nyan Cat.

Anyway, from the darkness of Internet Space, a mysterious cat appears out of nowhere to spread nyan music with a sweet and rainbow twist. Everyone, meet Nyan Cat, the Musical Pop-tart Cat.

It's a mystery that people idolizes cats (especially Lol-Cats) in the internet. With all this fuss, it's not questionable that various sorts of cats appear everywhere online. Nyan Cat is one of them, and this cat even has its own website to scatter rainbows, loop sounds, cuteness, and its gimmicky nature.

So with that, I've listed a few websites like Nyan Cat or similar sites to it. It's really awesome how these things can be fun and entertaining but also annoying sometimes. Well, just go with the flow of fun.

8 Websites Similar to Nyan.Cat

1. The Marvelous Breadfish

The Marvelous Breadfish
The Marvelous Breadfish | Source

Tell me, have you seen the marvelous breadfish? Well now you're definitely going to see it as well as sing along with it.

Oh! Looks similar doesn't it? Yeah, it looks similarly a heck of a dose to that of Nyan Cat the Pop-Tart Cat except now it's a fish covered by some bread.

Just check it out for yourself and you'll eventually be hooked reciting or singing the bread-fish mantra in no time.

2. The Walama Song

The Walama Song
The Walama Song | Source

There's an out-of-this-world weirdness at! Turns out it's a freaky Walama that looks a mutated llama monster.

The face, the color, the smile, and the foot-motion...what's not creepy and gross about the Walama of Hristu? Just bear with it because things kinda get messed up from time to time.

Now let's see how long you can last seeing the Walama and listening to its music. The challenge is on!

3. Leek Spin

The Leekspin Song
The Leekspin Song | Source

Believe it or not, the leek spin meme is pretty popular especially in Japan along with the accompanying song, "Ievan Polka".

For me, this is a cute "LeekSpin" presentation and website. I actually like the song too and this site is pretty much like the nyan cat, breadfish, or hritsu but involves Japanese animation and a Finnish song.

Let's see how many times the leek spin before you get tired of it.

4. Trololololo~

Here you'll see a random a guy singing a song filled with trolololololo in its lyrics.

Go trolololololo and go crazy with this website. I didn't count the lo's and the la's and the ha's but I'm sure there are hundreds of them. Annoying or not, the song and the man singing just keeps going low and high at the same time making this site a strange one to stumble upon.

To like it or leave it, that is for you to figure out.

Note: There used to be a full website dedicated to "Trolololololo~" but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. No worries on that though because the full clip of the site in question can be found on YouTube.

5. Heyeayeayeayea!

Heyeayeayea! | Source

I don't know what's more funny, the guy (He-Man) with the weird hair, clothes, and movement, or the fact that he sings the song in totally strange way.

I really, really, really, really, like this website. I mean (*laughing*) it's amazingly funny and entertaining. Just looking and listening at "Heyeayeayea" makes my day. I definitely recommend it to you for watching and for sharing.

6. Procatinator

Procatinator | Source

So what did I tell you about cats in the internet? They're everywhere!!!

With this Procatinator website, every refresh calls upon a random Lol-Cat moment into a musical loop. Think of all the possibilities, its one cat bringing you to the next cat, and then to the next one whilst changing the music and the scene.

Infinite fun and possibilities are there for you cat-worshipper err...lover.

OMFG Dogs!
OMFG Dogs! | Source

7. OMFG Dogs!

Oh! Let's stop the Cat madness and divert our attention to the awesome dogs!

Bow Wow! Looks familiar right? Yup, it's like Nyan Cat but now...all you got are dogs! All those dogs running and going fast and furious are really quite the eye-candy. I mean, with that rainbow-y background plus the bit sound and those cute dogs and there anything that could go wrong?

Tune in and get the dog days turn into a whole growl of excitement as the "OMFG Dogs!" blaze the trail with puppy love.

8. Banana Phone

Banana Phone
Banana Phone | Source

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring...Banana Phone~ Once this banana phone song reaches your ears, there's no stopping the last song syndrome effect which will keep you constantly hearing and singing the song for a while.

I don't know what's with the badgers, bananas, phones, and the other weird graphics and lyrics but I just can't stop playing it repeatedly. Though it's nonsensical, I actually find it cheery and fun so I hope you find it that way too.

Here's a Video featuring the Banana Phone Song - Its Effect is Astounding! Last Song Syndrome!

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