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What Do Text Envelopes Mean On Samsung Reality Cell Phones

Updated on February 21, 2015

Introduction to Texting Icons on Reality Cell Phones

Texting on a Samsung Reality cell phone usually goes off without any problems. If you go back into your text messages and look at them, you'll notice that little envelope icons are next to each message. These envelopes can mean a number of different things

Whether you are text messaging 10 times per month or 10 times per minute, your Samsung Reality cell phone will put these little envelopes next to your messages. It is up to you to determine what each one of them means.

Where are These Text Envelopes on Reality Cell Phone?

If you go into your main menu - Messaging - Messages, you'll see the envelopes just to the left of the text sender's and recipients names.

What are These Text Envelopes For?

Each envelope will give you the status of the text messages on your phone. If you successfully sent a text message, for example, you will see an envelope with a little arrow pointing out of the upper right corner.

Most of these are pretty self explanatory (like the example I mentioned above) and you will see these text envelope icons so often that you will have no problem knowing what they are and remembering them. So let's get going and run through what these symbols mean to you and your wireless handset cell phone :-)


I've Seen a Strange One - A Blue Circle with P on Envelope

Ah! Yes, there are a number of odd ball ones that you might see. The blue circle with the "P" might be one of the different looking texting envelopes. Your message is 'pending'

I wrote an article on what this is all about below. Check it out.

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What About the Envelop With Red Slash Stop Sign Circle?

OK, another odd ball text icon on the Samsung Reality cell phone. Fortunately, I don't see this one (or the blue circle one above) very often. Here you might have a problem the transmittal of the message.

I wrote an article on this topic and linked it below. It should give you some more detail on what this icon means.

Where to Find The Meaning of All Samsung Reality Icons

Well, believe it or not, all of the definitions are right on your cell phone and, yes, I wrote an article about it. Check it out. I posted it below. You'll be able to look up any Reality cell phone icon and learn what they mean. Check out the post linked below and you get the low-down on what your wireless phone can tell you :-)

Texting Poll

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Hope You Know Your Icons Now

Thank you so much for stopping by my post. I do hope that this taught you what the text message envelopes on your Samsung Reality cellular phone means. I really appreciate it. Please take a look at some of my other cell phone help articles ( or any other post for that matter, I write on a lot of topics.) Thanks!

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