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What instrument should I play?

Updated on March 25, 2013

Having a hard time deciding what instument you should play?


Deciding on what instrument you should play in band or just in general is an important one. Finding an instrument that plays to your strengths will help keep you practicing and get you faster results and after all, with results we stay motivated and have more fun!

What instrument should I play
What instrument should I play

Blow Control

Do you wanna put your lips on it?

If your passion is leading you to a horn, you may want to ask your self if your lungs and lips are up to the challenge.

As with anything, you will strengthen with practice so take heart.

Will you want to add your own vocals while you play?

Something to think about if your lips are already in use.

what instument should I play
what instument should I play

Wanna fiddle with strings?

Get your chin involved

When asking what instrument should I play you may consider the violin or instruments involving a bow. These instruments can be very rewarding and enhance any score, but be warned, they can also be the ones requiring the most practice.

Would you have special coaching available? A parent or family member? An exceptional coach?

Without an advantage going in, an uphill climb might be in your future.

Enjoy this choice if it is your passion!

what instrument should I play
what instrument should I play

Strummin' and hummin'

Guitars are so cool!

When asking yourself what instrument should I play we always come around to guitars.

When you consider all the advantages:

Guitars are everywhere, both new and used.

Lessons are easy to come by, even on-line.

Your can sing along and practice both vocals and your instrument.

Have you ever seen a trumpet around a campfire?

If your looking to join a high school or college band you may have a tough sell, but guitars are pretty cool!

what instument should i play
what instument should i play

Drum circle

Get out your aggression and keep the beat

I personally love drums! I also personally have no idea how they are played.

Different beats for every tune?

The drums are about the coolest instrument out there. Every time I hear bongos I wish I had a set.

If you think you might like to learn the drums you should definitely go for it!

They even have drum sets now days that are electric and barely make noise when you practice.

There is nothing stopping the quest to become the next drummer!

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