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What is a Server in a Network: Types and Kinds of Servers

Updated on April 29, 2013

What is a Server in Networking: Article Summary

This hub is all about the answers to what is a server especially in networking, definition of server, what is a server address, as well as the types and kinds of servers such as network server, file server, and DNS server.

Definition of Server

Technically, server is a computer or a computer software that leads the other computers or computer software to be united. So, it may be a hardware or a software. This is quite confusing though, because many of us knew that the server is just a hardware or to be specific a merely computer that acts like a linking tool in order for the other computers to communicate with each other, and then form a network. But it is not the case, since this concept is not just used in computer networking.

This concept is also used in computer software or computer applications that are grouped or networked together. So, for them, the computer applications, to be one they must have another software that will act like a server. The best example for this is the Operating System. The operating system act like a server for its packages of applications. The applications inside the operating system can exchange data or information together for certain purposes because they are networked. Server, in general, in the most easiest term, is the 'bridge' between computers or applications. When the ‘bridge’ is formed, network is also formed.

Types and Kinds of Server

There are at least 15 recognized kinds of servers worldwide. Recognized Servers are the following.

  • Home Server
  • File Server
  • Fax Server
  • Print Server
  • Compute Server
  • Application Server
  • Game Server
  • DNS Server
  • Database Server
  • Web Server
  • Communication Server
  • Stand-alone Server
  • Sound Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Catalog Server

You can look for the definitions of these servers on the table of contents in the sidebar.

What is a Server Address: A Frequently asked Question about Server

Moving forward, what really is a server address? Literally, it is the address of the server, the location, the place where it is located. The server address is same as the IP address. It is written in number that correspond a specific place. IP address or a server address has two functions, firstly it is used mainly for networking identification, because every server or IP address is unique to each other and secondly, it is used for location addressing, for identifying the place where it is located.

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