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What Is Wifi? A Guide To WiFi For Beginners

Updated on October 7, 2007

A Place To Learn The Fundamentals

Many moons ago I started hearing all this talk about WiFi and how wonderful it was, and when I asked someone "What is Wifi?" I was given a complicated explanation that left me with more questions than I started with. I mean, what the heck is "IEEE 802.11" anyway?!

So I did some more research and over time I gained a decent understanding of what WiFi was, all the time making sure I looked for the easiest definitions to digest so that if anyone ever asked me, I'd be able to give them a clear explanation rather than rambling away in techno-jargon, only to see their eyes glaze over as they lost comprehension.

Eventually I decided to put the knowledge I'd found together into a blog. You can check it out here. As I knew the blog would grow larger and longer the more information I put in it I decided to put together this lens where I could present a more compact view of WiFi, and then point people to the blog should they care to know more.

So the topics below are summaries of what I have discussed on my blog. I'll add a new summary for each blog post I make, but if the summary doesn't do it for you be sure to head to the original blog post in it's entirety via the links in the "Want More Info About WiFi?" section below. If you find this lens helpful at all please don't forget to give it a rating :o)

Understanding The Basics

Wondering What WiFi Actually Is In Layman's Terms?

"WiFi" is the nickname for Wireless Fidelity - high speed internet and network connection without the use of wires, cables and other stuff you can trip over.

In a lot of ways WiFi is easier and cheaper to set up and run than a wired network - mainly due to the whole "lack of wires/cables" aspect, and allows you to move your computer quickly and easily around your home without having to worry about where the closest phone socket is kept. It also allows you to connect multiple computers to the one internet connection, quickly and easily.

Outside the house, WiFi is steadily growing it's global coverage. While it doesn't have the same range as Cell Phones yet, it does allow simple, easy remote access to the internet or your home/company network whenever you happen to be within a "hotspot".

WiFi is the sort of technology that will fast become second-nature in everyones lives, like Television and Cell Phones have done before it. One day in the not-too-distant future we'll be wondering how we ever suffered with cords and cables lying about the place for so long. You'll wonder why it took you so long to get on board. This is freedom for the 21st century, pure and simple.

How Does WiFi Work?

Just How Can I Surf The Net Without A Phone Cable?

I know it might sound nuts - how can all this information that I'm currently uploading and downloading from my computer through a phone cable be transmitted "through the air?!" Well I'm glad you asked.

WiFi works, in essence, exactly the same way a Television or Cell Phone works. They don't have cables attached to them for transmitting information and neither will your computer once you start using WiFi.

Basically, WiFi uses radio waves to transmit the information to and from the internet or your computer network. When a website wants to communicate with your computer it sends the information to your modem as it does now on your wired connection, then the information is passed on to a wireless router, which then converts it to radio waves and beams it to your computer. You computer then interprets the radio waves with the help of installed hardware/software specific for wireless networking. The reverse process occurs when your computer needs to communicate to the internet. All this to-ing and fro-ing happens a lot faster than it took to explain it. In a lot of cases a wireless connection is actually faster than a wired broadband connection.

One of the fundamental differences between WiFi and your Cell Phone, however, is that WiFi operates on a much higher frequency (2.4GHz or 5GHz), as opposed to Cell Phones which work below the 1GHz level. The higher the frequency the higher the amount of data (information) that is able to be transferred.

With one wireless router in your home you can connect multiple computers to each other and the internet, without any cables connecting each computer to it's brother. In the techno-savvy family of today that spells a great convenience, as Dad can be working in his study, Mum can be chatting to her friends, and Son and Daughter can be in their own rooms researching homework assignments - all at once on individual computers. In my day (back in the dark ages of the internet), our family would have to take turns to use the one computer, and then there would be the obligatory fight when someone had been using it for too long.

Nowadays the only real problem is, how am I going to afford multiple computers for my family?

What Are WiFi Hotspots?

And How Do I Find One?

Hotspots are areas where WiFi radio signals can be picked up by your computer. At home, a wireless router (such as the one shown at right) does the job to make your entire home a hotspot.

Away from home hotspots can be found in most airports, libraries, hotels and a growing number of cafes, as well as other places. There are people known as "Warchalkers" who, once they have found a WiFi connection at a particular spot, will write the necessary connection details on a nearby wall in, of course, chalk. This practice can be illegal in certain jurisdictions, although the laws are generally unclear at this time.

As more hotspots appear the WiFi coverage will expand and WiFi will become a more widely used and popular alternative. Eventually WiFi coverage will be no different from the Cell Phone network we take for granted.

There are currently a number of websites that post the locations of WiFi hotspots in your area. These include, and

What's The Beef In Beefing Up WiFi Security?

Addressing The Matter Of Security

In this age of identity theft and credit card fraud it's easy to understand the concerns of security when it comes to transmitting sensitive data across the airwaves. Fear plagues the wired network enough, so it's natural that a wireless network should have increased suspicion surrounding it.

Thankfully there are plenty of things you can do to increase the security of your wireless connection, to the point that it is as safe as the safest wired one.

The following list of precautions will only cost you a bit a time to set up:

* Turning off the file-sharing feature on your computer

* Updating your operating system on a regular basis

* Password protecting your computer and any protected files

* Only transmitting emails containing sensitive information through a secure, web-based email site (those that start with https:// in the address bar)

For a nominal cost there is various software you can install to beef up security. These include:

* Personal firewall alongside good anti-virus software

* Encryption software used to encode data sent across a wireless connection (Most sites that require you to enter credit card information are secure anyway, but it's better to be safe than sorry).

* Use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Probably the best way to protect your information when using public WiFi areas such as airports, libraries, etc. A VPN creates an impenetrable shield linking your computer to the site you are accessing. Think of it as trying to access a train that is parked in a tunnel, the only ways in are at either end of the tunnel itself.

Security is a major issue these days and rightly so. At home your wireless router produces a range that extends beyond the size of most homes - allowing people with the knowledge and know-how to use (in effect steal) your connection just by sitting out the front of your house in the street. Also, hackers target public access areas such as airports, as they know that public access areas do not carry their own security - it's up to the individual to take the precautions themselves. This lack of security however, should not be a deterrent from switching over to a wireless connection, as by following the recommendations above you will be more than secure on your network and internet connections. In fact, if you do follow all the points above it's safe to say your wireless connection would be more secure than most people's wired ones.

What Do I Need To Get Started

How Does It All Come Together

Apart from your computer, the most important piece of equipment you'll need is a wireless router. This is used to convert digital signals to radio waves and vice versa. It is the hub of your wireless connection and any computers within range and carrying the correct hardware will be able to access the internet effortlessly.

Next you'll need a wireless network adapter. This plugs into your computer and is used to communicate with the wireless router. The adapter converts the radio wave signal sent by the router into a digital signal that the computer can understand. Adapters come in two forms, the ones that plug into an external slot on your PC or laptop, and ones that attach to your motherboard, inside your computer.

Once you have your router and adapter you can connect to the internet on a wireless network. You will probably already have an Internet Service Provider from when you were using a hard line connection, and you will be able to continue with this ISP if you so choose to. Additional wireless protection software is recommended.

The above is what you need for a basic home set up for one computer. Additional work is required for multiple connections at home, or at a business.

Great WiFi Products Available At - Essentials For Your Home or Office Wireless Connection

Below are a number of products you'll need or should have to get the most out of your WiFi experience.

Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router
Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router

The Linksys Wireless-G broadband router is really three devices in one box. First, it's a wireless access point, which lets you connect Wireless-G or Wireless-B devices to the network. There's also a built-in four-port full-duplex 10/100 switch to connect your wired-Ethernet devices. Connect four PCs directly, or daisy-chain out to more hubs and switches to create as big a network as you need. Finally, the router function ties it all together and lets your whole network share a high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 [OLD VERSION]
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 [OLD VERSION]

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 6.0 combines traditional anti-virus defense methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide solid and dependable protection against malicious programs. Great for beginners and more advanced alike.

VMware Workstation 5.0 for Windows
VMware Workstation 5.0 for Windows

VMware Workstation is powerful desktop virtualization software for software developers/testers and IT professionals who want to streamline software development, testing, and deployment in their enterprise.

VMware Workstation 5.0 for Linux
VMware Workstation 5.0 for Linux

Workstation 5 is desktop virtualization software for software developers. Whether you're working as a software engineer, tester or IT professional, it will help you streamline software development, testing and deployment in their enterprise.


Check Out These WiFi-Related Videos

Got a topic relating to WiFi you'd like to see addressed here? How about a correction to something you've read above? Or you could just drop a message to say Hi. Any feedback is welcome.

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    • profile image

      David 17 months ago

      Of all the techno Dummies I know, I'm the dumbest. Your lens gets 5 stars +, and my grateful thanks! (I'm 76 yrs young). Durban, South Africa.

    • profile image

      peter 20 months ago

      can this apply to a tv?

    • profile image

      abhay 3 years ago

      If I use wi - fi network then whose wi-fi I use kno about me

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 6 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      Very informative lens, I like the part about security. I think security is biggest issue when we are talking about any data exchange. We just have a scandal about folk who sold medical data of some patients to insurance companies and law firms. I believe security of data transfer will even gain importance of the future.

    • profile image

      Electrified 6 years ago

      Hi, Nice Blog..Interesting I am from India Have an MTNL Triband Connection. i want to buy a wireless modem or router for home. i have a PC And a Laptop.Though not a through Geek.. :) Kindly Advise me.

      Also would like to know what exactly is the difference between wireless modem and wireless router.Kindly advice me on the same.

    • Squidoo For You profile image

      Chris 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Excellent lens explaining what wifi is for beginners . How about adding some wifi adapters on an ebay or amazon module, as they are cheap and there are lots of free wifi hotspots about i'm sureyou would get a a few sales& commission!

      Take a look at my lens about protecting your wifi network from hackers

    • profile image

      jgelien 7 years ago

      Someone finally explained WiFi in a way I could understand. Thanks for the lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Decent amount of info on wireless networks for the newcomer , cheers

    • profile image

      jeolaa 10 years ago

      Nice lens. This is great start to pinpoint about the wifi knowledge and ideas. Step into the similar site for Software Development Software Development and surf stuff about Software Testing Software and Software Testing Types.

    • donm207 profile image

      donm207 10 years ago

      Great info about wireless, nice lens to!

    • profile image

      benlagat 10 years ago

      Thanks for the effort. You have produced a wonderful lens .The information you have given is quite enlightening and it is actually worth sharing it out with others. I am impressed that you were able to assemble such valuable information about WiFi signals.I believe that your software has undergone thorough tests to ascertain its effectiveness.Thanks for the good work.Please visit is an interesting a site which delves in detail into why software testing forum is very important to manufacturers and why software testing forum is essential to computer users as well

    • profile image

      JayKish 10 years ago

      Nice lens! I have never got this type of information yet. I like this...

    • profile image

      annhenson12 10 years ago

      This is one true great lens! I am giving you five stars for that. Your unselfish work of sharing your knowledge, ideas, tips and links about wifi will make you achieve more than you expect. I honestly didn't get to understand the full cocept on this thing before but reading your lens made me fully understand it. Thank you! Let me share to you one equally great lens as yours they provide valuable ideas, information and links on software testing development and procedures. You got to see it for yourself!

    • teamlane profile image

      teamlane 10 years ago

      Blessed by a Squid Angel today! :)

      Colleen ~

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      beachbum_gabby 10 years ago

      I love wifi! I'm using it right now. ^__^

    • profile image

      mg100796 10 years ago

      Hey! Check out my site!

    • profile image

      cryan 10 years ago

      How we like it - and as they say in the British Army "Keep it simple - STUPID!"

      Kind Regards

      C Ryan

      Special Forces Adventure Training


    • profile image

      eUndies 10 years ago

      Great lens! Now I know how my laptop links to my pc! =)

    • beeobrien lm profile image

      beeobrien lm 10 years ago

      Very clearly explained. Nice job. 5*

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      powerspirit 10 years ago

      nice work, very informative.

    • profile image

      caseysellers02 10 years ago

      Great lens! I am rating this five stars. What a great satisfaction to me to learn this interesting thing about wi-fi. Honestly, when I heard about it 2 years ago, I became interested but I am so embarrassed to ask questions. Thank you for having this lens, it did give me so much knowledge. I would like to share you a lens which I came across with software testing procedure Same useful and helpful lens as yours. They provide links and facts on software testing which are of great help too. Go check it out to see more!

    • profile image

      FireTown 10 years ago

      Very nice lens, congratulation on making the lens of the day.

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      Dynamite8 10 years ago

      You did a great job! I could have used this about a year ago.

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      driewe 10 years ago

      Very good and to the point. 5 stars

    • profile image

      kathysuggests 10 years ago

      Great, and informative lens, I have been using a Wifi connection at and never knew what it is. I must say that Wifi is the future of internet connectivity and it is here with a high speed where people will be able to stay connected anywhere in the world. Wifi have been modified for the better through Software Functional Testing. Those software companies which give due importance to the software testing phase can only withstand the market.

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      hkmars 10 years ago

      Good information for wifi!!


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      anonymous 10 years ago


      Excellent Lens, Rated 5 Stars. Have a peak at my lens - satellite TV on PC review.

      Dan ;)

      Make sure you join my fan club

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      darkhairedgirl 10 years ago

      Great lens! We're so spoiled now :) I can't imagine living without Wi-fi, and of course my laptop

    • darkhairedgirl profile image

      darkhairedgirl 10 years ago

      Great lens! We're so spoiled now :) I can't imagine living without Wi-fi, and of course my laptop

    • profile image

      DebMartin 10 years ago

      Wow. Thanks. This was just in time for me! And so easy to understand, my, my. Nice!

    • profile image

      DebMartin 10 years ago

      Wow. Thanks. This was just in time for me! And so easy to understand, my, my. Nice!

    • profile image

      happy-jack 10 years ago

      The intro given for this lens is one of the

      best bits of witting ever hard to live up

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      Billy Anne Crews

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      lens4Him 10 years ago

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      RyanRE LM 10 years ago

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      Very informative and useful 5 out of 5! Way to go.

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      Rob Hemphill 10 years ago from Ireland

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      Nancy Oram 10 years ago

      I brand new at this and this lens presents a great model of how to organize and illustrate useful information.

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      Valery504 LM 10 years ago

      That's really good lens! I use wi-fi, but it was interesting to find more about it:)

    • Valery504 LM profile image

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      That's really good lens! I use wi-fi, but it was interesting to find more about it:)

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      JonitasKalimpo 10 years ago

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      Peter Murray 10 years ago from Izmir, Turkey

      Great work. Please write more lenses like this on other tech subjects.

    • Lamar Morgan profile image

      Lamar Morgan 10 years ago

      California has a $10 billion debt problem. How could wifi help pay it off? Could wifi advertising splash pages help? If every school, government office and storefront small office became a wifi hot spot and created a splash page ad for a small business as part of the Terms of Service to access the wifi and a small portion of the fee to advertise went to a Paypal account to help pay down the debt, do you think that would help? I know that sounds simplistic, but so does increasing the cost of lottery tickets and auto license tag fees. At least here the advertiser is cost-effectively spreading his message in addition to helping his state get out of debt.

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      Tony Payne 10 years ago from Southampton, UK

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