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Mac or PC? which one is best for me?

Updated on February 17, 2015



The mere fact that Windows is so predominant in our society plays a huge role in its advantages. 70-90 percent of the computers that are being used, in the U.S. alone are running on some form of a windosw operating system. This makes way for the following advantages:

Abundant support:

There is an endless supply of microsoft tech support workers, and independent technicians who can help you with your computer malfunctions. The options you have for a repair technician make it easier to get a better price for your repairs furthermore, it is much easier to find someone who will do the work.

Hardware Selection:

As a result of Windows OS being so numerous and popular, there is no shortage of hardware. There is an endless supply of companies creating many types of hardware to cater to those who use windows operating systems. This creates a breeding ground for creativity, and customizability. This allows you to create your own type of computer based on price efficiency, power, usabily,or any other factor that you prefer.


Just as the massive population of windows computers plays to its advantage, it has disadvantageous effects as well. The drawbacks, just as the advantages, are an issue that is magnified but the scale of the people that it reaches. There are several but here are a few:


The fact that there are so many computers running on any specific variant of windows OS means that there are several people creating virus and other malicious software; Since they have a windows computer it is usually for that type. In addition, a malicious, regardless of their operating system, may create a virus for windows simply because they can attack more people that way.

You need help:

The fact that there so many windows OS users means that there will be an endless supply of viruses. This also means that regardless of how good you are at fixing issues, someone will create a problem that you can't fix; you will need to get(often pay for) technical support.



Computers running under a variant of the Macintosh operating system usually are good for people who are looking for something less difficult to deal with. It is also better for people who are doing extremely difficult or skillful work who, would rather hire experts to handle computer issues. Some of the advantages are as follows:

Less viruses:

Macintosh operating systems have only few users in comparison to Windows. For that reason less even try to create viruses to cater to these users. There is not very much to gain in comparison with the other options. In addition, Macintosh systems are a little bit more secure thatn any other run of the mill computer. A lot more is required to compromise the system of a Mac.

Easy to use:

The overall setup of a mac makes it far more easy to use than many other systems. Its GUI(graphical user interface) makes all forms of computer use very simple for an amateur user or a senior who is just starting out. Usability also extends in favor for those who are doing extensive projects. Complex graphical and audio projects are said to be a lot easier on a mac. In some cases a mac is often the only type of computer that can accomplish the job.


The fact that macs are rare and unique makes them have many disadvantages. Here are some of the most common kinds:

More expensive:

Unless you are well to do, A mac is not something that you simply buy; A macintosh is hardly ever the result of an impulse purchase and in some cases, it is bought with huge financing and extensive payment plans. On top of the overhead costs being expensive, macs are not easy to repair. If one needs a repair on a mac it is very common to go directly to apple to get it fixed. If your warranty is void or expired, this is a costly affair.

Less hardware choices:

Macs are not so common in the marketplace(compared to competitors) and they do not have a variety of different hardware options. For this reason a mac isn't very customizable.This blots out creativity in the apple marketplace. As a result there are usually only a few cookie cutter choices that are offered to millions of different people.

What do you think?

There are many of those who have biased or unbiased preferences for either of the two. Regardless of the one that you prefer, everyone has to admit that there are advantages and drawbacks to each type. Chime in. give us your 2 cents. Give your opinion and if you have sources, please add them we would like to hear why you prefer the one that you prefer.


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