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What to do after getting banned from adsense | Adsense Alternatives

Updated on February 4, 2013

Why people get banned from adsense

Don't be too much upset if your adsense account were suspended or banned. There are many other alternatives to adsense. There are 2 major reason why adsense account get suspended or banned. First , a victim of click bombing or invalid click. Second, banned by adsense due to negligence or violation on the Terms of Service of Adsense.

If your account was banned or suspended you can send an appeal to adsense and if you proved that you are just a victim of click fraud you can get your account back.

Victim of Invalid Clicks - Simple tips to prevent your account from invalid clicks.

Invalid clicks happen when a click bomber clicks on your ads nonstop for many times and a friend or a family member click your ads to help you earn money. Most of them are not aware that clicking your advertisement will make you banned from adsense.

  1. Log out

    If you are not the only one who are using your computer or laptop, always log out or atleast close your browser everytime you finshed any activity on your account, by doing this, you will prevent your relatives or friends from clicking the ads appear on your hubs that may take their attention and interest on clicking that advertisement.

  2. Tell your family not to click on your ads

    If they notice you are writing articles online, tell them not to click on your ads, explain thoroughly that you will be banned from adsense and you will not earn anymore if your family click on your ads. For sure they will ask how will Google knew that they click on your ads, explain that, Google can trace the origin of clicks.

  3. Choose the sites you plan to use for your back links

    Know the website first if that can be trusted, know who are their readers. Once you build your back links on that site, not only your articles are exposed on the reader but also your ads.

  4. Use Google Analytics

    Google analytics is a very powerful tool on monitoring and preventing click frauds. Its very easy to set up just set your parameters and google analytics will send you an alert by mobile or by email if there is an abnormality on the number of clicks you set.

Terms and Condition of Adsense - Not fully understood

Terms and conditions are there to protect both party. It's for your protection so you must read and understand. Don't wait for the time your account was deactivated or banned by adsense.

  1. Read the terms and conditions, the policy and any other laws required.

    I am pretty sure you will get something and you will understand few of the common terms even If you find it difficult to fully understand.

  2. Read others experience

    Search the web what are the causes why they were banned, why their account was deactivated, how to reinstate. By that, you can avoid the mistake they made.

Banned by adsense?

Why adsense banned you?

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Adsense Alternatives


It is one of the best alternative to adsense. Like adsense, you have full control which advertisers will be able to advertise on your site. You have the option to manually review and approve or decline every advertiser prior to any ads appearing on your site. Adbrite also launch real time pricing which empowers the publishers to calculate and maximize their potential revenue.


It has a low pay out of $10 for paypal and $50 for checks. This is a great advantage for those new on writing and working online because there are instances that adsense publisher get their payout after a year or 2 because the minimum payout is $50.


It is an in-text ads that pays per click. If you saw an article online with 2 underline on a word, more likely that is infolink. It is easy to join infolinks because they do not have minimum view for your blog or website. You will earn 70% revenue share per click. Many publisher claim that it is one of their highest source of revenue. You can use infolinks too if you have adsense.

Dynamic Oxygen

Like chitika, infolinks, Dynamic Oxygen can be use on website with adsense. It is also a great way to add revenue to your site. They offer $50 minimum payout by Paypal. You can refer other people to dynamic oxygen and you can earn 5% of their lifetime revenue.

Exit Junction

It is another great way to monetize your website. It can go along with adsense and it will pay you 100% of your revenue. Even if your traffic came from different country they will still pay you. They also offer referral program which will make you earn 10% of your referral.


You can get your payout every 15 days by paypal, wire or check everytime you reach $50. You can earn 85% of the revenue you generate on your ads. They will give you 10% additional income every time you refer a Publisher or Advertiser to Clicksor's network


They are offering $50 bonus when you sign up to Kontera and you have Twenty five thousand page views per month. They go along with adsense and you are paid 70% of the total revenue.


It is a pay per click ads that allows you to maximize your potential revenue because they will display the highest bidder of ad to your website. The payout are very low and they can transfer through check, wire, or paypal when your account reach $10


There is no minimum payout every month. They will automatically send your earnings through paypal. You will get 50% of the revenue when you sell ads on your website. They can be used together with adsense and other advertisers.

Pocket Cents

It is a local advertisement which usually pay $0.15 dollar per click. A click will cost $0.25, $0.10 will go to pocket cents. You can earn through referral by telling your friends or posting links to your website. You can earn 10% of their total revenue. To earn more in Pocket cents, your reader should be a local or resident in United States.

The best adsense alternative

Which of the 10 is your best choice as adsense alternative?

What is the best Adsense Alternative

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Revenue Sharing Site with no adsense

If you want to lessen your headache and you are new to online writing. Here are the revenue sharing site that doesn't need approved adsense account. You will automatically see adsense on your articles.

  1. Squidoo

    My best ever favorite. Even if you are banned or suspended or you are waiting for the approval of your adsense account. Squidoo will help you earn money by writing articles online. To see your first payment you have to wait for 2 months. The payment are low at the start but you can earn thousand after you write lots of quality articles.

  2. Zujava

    They are fairly new, but they get lots of organic traffic. You can try writing for them too. Zujava looks like Squidoo. If you write article, they will call it leaf, in squidoo, its lens. They also pay after 60 days and you do not need to have an approved adsense account. They split the revenue to 50-50.

With adsense or without adsense

Which is the best kind of revenue sharing site?

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    • kburns421 lm profile image

      kburns421 lm 

      6 years ago

      I run a blog separate from Squidoo, and it's nice to know I have options other than adsense. I never even knew about all these other options.


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