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what to look for while buying a new platop - Tips for buying laptop

Updated on March 27, 2012

Tips to buy a new laptop

You dont buy an expensive laptop everyday. Buying a new laptop can be both a frustrating and expensive experience particularly when you are not able to decide about your requirement. Most common factor deciding a laptop buying decision are requirement, budget and laptop features. If you want to make the right decision, you have to balance all three of the above criteria. I have seen many friends including myself who give sometimes ignore to balance the three criteria and then remorse later. For example, sometimes your budget and requirement is for a normal laptop around £400 but you end up buying an apple Mac or Dell XPS because salesman at the shop gave you a detailed demo of what Mac or XPS can do. We should avoid falling to such traps.

1. Budget

This is the most important factor while deciding to buy a new laptop. If you are not a developer or programmer and just need a laptop to watch movis/videos, listen music or play games then you may not need to go for a laptop with huge RAM or high speed processors. You can save some money by opting for a low or medium performance laptop. If you have a medium to high budget, then you can go high performance laptop asuming that you are not going to buy another laptop in near future. Suggestion will be to never go beyond +/- 10% of you budget even if you getting a good deal.

2. Requirements

As discussed above, you should always keep in mind why you want to buy a laptop. If you are a designer or developer who need to run multiple softwares at one time, then you should go for a high performance laptop. If you are app developer like iphone or iPad developer, then probably Apple Mac will be your minimum requirement. However if you need a laptop just to watch videos, listen music and play games then probably you will prefer a laptop with high definition screen, good quality speaker and higher RAM. Again it depend on yourself, how you manager between your budget and requirement.

3. Keep in mind how freequently technology changes

Not just laptop, while buying any electronic equipment, you need to think about how freequently the technology is changing for that appliance. For example, we know that Apple release a new version of iPad every year. So it will be wise not to buy iPad 2 while iPad 3 is about to release. We should always plan to buy a gadget in such a way that we dont need to upgrade it in near future,


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