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What is Google Docs

Updated on September 22, 2013

"What is Google Docs and how does it work?'

"What is Google Docs and how does it work?' This question was asked by a fellow member. The link is here, in case you want to see the serious answers. The answer you get here won't be correct, but it might be true.

Google Must Have Everything

You know Google wants to be the God of the Internet. They have their hands in anything and almost everything online. They dominate the searches. They control Adsense and Adwords. They are in the process of mapping the world. They have even gone into the Mobile Phone business.

Now they have set their sights on Disney. Right now it is Snow White. It seems Google has it's own version of The Seven Dwarfs. They have even stole the names right from the story.

Google Dwarfs explained.

Let me explain the Google Dwarfs.

Google Sleepy

Ever do a search on Google and get no results? Well, Google Sleepy was on duty that day. He falls asleep half the time and just misses everything that is happening. Personally, I don't have a problem with this. I'm not paying his salary. However, I will sue if I ever need life saving info quickly and Google Sleepy is passed out at the switch!

Google Sneezy

Beware Google Sneezy. With all his sneezing he does no one any good. Where do you think computer viruses come from? Well, I don't know, but I know Sneezy spreads them. I really think Sneezy should be in a hospital until his sneezing is under control. I guess Google has terrible Health Insurance.

Google Dopey

Google Dopey is the guy that sends you all the search results that don't pertain to anything. Some say he has a sense of humor, but I think he is really dopey. His name isn't funny, is it?

Google Happy

This is the guy that runs Google. He is so happy with all the ways he is making money. His plan for online dominance is working fine. He will be the master of the cyber world. Everything will rely on his thumb up or down. I suggest you kiss his butt if you can find out exactly who he is.

Google Bashful

Google Bashful is the guy that started Google Buzz. You see, he is only bashful face to face. Behind the computer, he is a tiger. With Google buzz he has thousands of followers. Naturally, he couldn't point them out in real life because he is too bashful.

Google Grumpy

You want to know who deletes your info? Wonder about the guy who turns down your Adsense account? Google Grumpy is the guy. No one knows why he is grumpy. My guess is woman troubles. If you can't get to Google Happy's butt, try kissing Google Grumpy's. Good luck with that.

Google Doc

I saved him for last because he is the reason we are all here. Google Doc is the answer man. You call Google with a problem, Doc is the guy you are talking to. Even if it's a female voice it is still Doc. You'll just have to trust me on that.

With all the knowledge that Google Doc has, I wish he would take some time to fix Google Sneezy's sneezes. I guess they are related. Without the spreading of viruses, both Google Doc and Google Sneezy might be out of a job.

You Were Warned

Please don't leave me any comments about how my title misled you. You were warned that this wasn't going to be a serious answer. As stated above you want serious answers, follow the link to the question.

A Note To Google

Ha Ha! I hope you guys have a sense of humor. Next time I Google my name I don't want a photo of a jackass to appear. Please don't block all my blogs from your search engines. And, pretty please, don't take an embarrassing Google Street View shot of me doing something in front of my house. This was all in fun, Ha Ha, right Google Happy?


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