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Where to buy an iPad mini

Updated on June 13, 2014

Get an iPad Mini on Sale

On Tuesday October 26, the folks at Apple announced their newest versions of the iPad, including the long awaited iPad Mini

This newest tablet is a smaller and less expensive version of the iPad that will compete with the Kindle Fire Tablet, the Kindle Fire HD and other off-brand mini-tablet makers.

Size wise this new iPad mini tablet comes in halfway between the 7 inch Kindle fire HD and the 8.9 inch version of the Kindle fire HD. So it is fairly smaller than the Apple iPad, but not so small that people that do not enjoy the 7 inch versions of the smaller tablets will be put off by this iPad mini tablet.

===>>The iPad Mini Is a 7.9 inch display tablet

In the module below I will go over some of the stats and facts and figures about this newest Apple tablet as well as show many of the least expensive iPad Mini tablets online.

The iPad Mini is available at many places online and offline. Obviously you can buy an iPad Mini at the Apple Store online. Although, they may be sold out, and sometimes they are not going to be your best deal available for the new iPad mini.

Many of the offers on this page are some of the best deals that can be found on Amazon. One of the advantages of buying the iPad on Amazon is lack of tax and delivery fees (with Prime membership). SO even in some cases where it may be a couple bucks more for base cost (and it often IS cheaper anyway). With the lack of taxes, it may be significantly less expensive to buy an iPad from the folks at Amazon, if the initial price is competitive.

The folks at Apple finally released some information on the new Apple iPad mini. Here is the latest and greatest information about this new mini tablet.

  1. The new iPad mini have a 7.9 inch display. Featuring a retina display in the same backlit technology as the regular iPad.
  2. The new iPad mini has a sleek and thin design. Is just a fraction the size of the regular iPad at just 7.2 mm it has the thickness of a pencil and is unbelievably light. It is easy to hold an apology or hand and is amazingly easy to control.
  3. While the new iPad mini does not have a new A6 chip, like the brand-new fourth-generation iPad released at the same time, it does rock a powerful A5 chip that is still very powerful and more than sufficient for great processing speeds on the new iPad mini.
  4. The new iPad mini has a revolutionary new battery that is smaller and last longer than any previous battery from Apple. The new iPad mini can last an amazing 10 hours per battery charge.
  5. The new Apple iPad mini is perfect for face time talking and records video and amazingly clear 1080 P quality
  6. It doesn't only have amazing video quality, the new Apple iPad mini also has amazing still pictures. It has a 5 megapixel camera that will take great shots as well as the ability to do some wonderful video editing inside the iPad mini itself.
  7. The new iPad mini has blisteringly fast conductivity. It has very fast wireless and cell connectivity up to LTE, making it small but fast like a little bunny rabbit of tablet connectivity.
  8. Comes with SIRI, IOS for games and iCloud for easy cloud storage
  9. A New Connector:

    Like the iPhone 5 and the 4th generation of standard iPad, the iPad mini comes with a new lightning connector built-in. This is a smaller and lighter connector that makes integrating with many accessories far easier because of the far superior design and of course a lot less bulk to carry around

  10. Basically, Everything that you love about the new iPad will be available on the iPad mini, except with a smaller display.

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      zentao 5 years ago

      @OnlineSuccessor: Thanks! I appreciate the comment and like! :)

    • OnlineSuccessor profile image

      OnlineSuccessor 5 years ago

      Great lens, I wish I had one of these Mini's, they look great. Very informative and creative,thumbs up x 10.

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      kiratalley 5 years ago

      They look so cute!! I definitely want one!