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Where to Buy Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S3

Updated on December 16, 2013

Why Buy Refurbished S3

If you want to know where to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S3, you'll find the answer here. Samsung's line of smartphones have become wildly popular around the world and are seen as the go-to Android smartphone, possibly even better than Apple's iPhone in certain aspects. However, like the iPhone, the S3 is not a cheap device. That is why a used S3 comes in as a very viable alternative. Although the adjective 'refurbished' does not have the pristine glow of 'brand-new,' such a difference in perception is merely an illusion in many cases.

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While I lived in South Korea, I had the opportunity to visit Samsung's headquarters and I was amazed by how hard everyone was working to produce the best smartphones in the world. I talked with some engineers who were putting in 12 to 13 hour shifts and they all believed they were contributing to a greater good by pushing the envelope in mobile technology. Unlike Apple, the gigantic multinational Korean conglomerate company works very hard to listen to its consumers in order to produce a smartphone that people want. They spend billions of dollars in several different countries on marketing and researching alone. While Steve Jobs famously said that consumers don't know what they want, Samsung has taken the opposite approach. And quite frankly, I agree with their humble approach to listen to their consumers, because in the end we are the ones buying their products. Without us, there would be no Apple or Samsung.

Save big by buying refurbished products

With millions upon millions of units of smartphones in circulation worldwide, there will be plenty of cases of buyer's remorse, returns, refunds and exchanges. Sometimes a refurbished S3 could still be unopened and untouched in its box, but merely passed through another customer's hands and returned for whatever reason.

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Or it is often the case that the smartphone is used for a few days and returned because of the color or a particular aesthetic of the phone. The smartphone would still be perfectly functional, inside and out, and sold again as refurbished at a significant discount. It is not a bad deal if you ask me. Over the years, I've bought most of electronic products as refurbished because I save so much money that way. Of all the products that I have bought this way, I've never had to return them because they stop working after a couple of months. The vast majority of these devices have lasted me for years and so nowadays, I can't find myself to spend all that extra money just to get something completely new.

If you are not too fickle about whether or not someone else's paws have been on the phone before yours, and some minor scratches or slight dents here and there, a refurbished S3 might be for you.

Buy a Refurbished S3 on Amazon is probably the best and safest place to start your search for a refurbished S3. Currently, the biggest online retail store in the world, Amazon sells pretty much every type of product imaginable. As a current graduate student, I've ordered everything from books, facial products and cameras to furniture, cellphones and laptops. It also helps that if you are a college student, you can sign up for Amazon Prime for 6 months free! Amazon Prime will allow you to have any item shipped to your doorsteps with absolutely no charge. It is a great deal and I urge you to sign up if you are eligible so you can save even more when your order your smartphone online.

A cursory search for the smartphone reveals a plethora of options to choose from, including used and refurbished ones. When you are spending a significant amount of money on something as important as your personal phone you really don't want to take any chances that might end up causing headaches and hurting your wallet.

The stalwart reputation of Amazon and it's ubiquitous presence ensures a satisfactory shopping experience. You can't be too careful when it comes to items that could have been used before being resold. There are plenty of unscrupulous vendors looking into getting some of the action of portable, high-margin products, such as high-end smartphones. Amazon is where you want to buy your S3.

Samsung Galaxy S III, White 16GB (Sprint)
Samsung Galaxy S III, White 16GB (Sprint)

When I first started using the S3, I was so impressed by size and the brightness of the screen. After using one for a couple months, I can't even look at an iPhone because the screen size seems so small.


Find the S3 on eBay

If you looking for an even more previously-owned, refurbished S3s for sale, is another great place to check out. There are literally thousands of listings for the S3 in every kind of condition and appearance imaginable, and many are priced at a staggering discount.

Just be extra careful when browsing on because it is often just individuals selling their wares to other individuals. Take some time to read the product description and whether or not the S3 is fully functional. The vendor's lifetime ratings and percentage is important as well (the closer to 100% the better). If you practice common sense and proceed with a healthy dose of caution, you'll find that Amazon and eBay are the best places for where to buy a refurbished S3.

S3 vs. S4

Before the S4 even came out, there were rumors circulating around the tech world and the Internet about how revolutionary it was going to be. Some compared the unveiling to that of Apple's when it first introduced the iPhone to the world back in 2007. While the buzz has died down considerably since its release, the S4 has some remarkable features that any tech junkie would love to utilize. One of the most prominent features on the S4 is its ability to track your eye movements. It can be used to scroll up or down, hands free! The device also has the ability to automatically pause a video if you look away. They also have a tilt feature that operates in a similar way, in which you can control the movement on the phone through the movement of your head. In terms of design however, both devices are very similar. So, if you were hoping to feel a completely different device in your hand, you'll probably be disappointed. However, if you are dying to try out these new features, you might want to purchase the S4 over the S3.

S3 Review

Here is a great review of the S3. Although the iPhone has dominated the smartphone industry for a long time, I believe that the tide is turning and Samsung may be crowned the new champion in the coming years.

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