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Where is my Recycle Bin? A quick guide to getting your Recycle Bin back on Windows 7

Updated on September 4, 2012

Windows 7 Recycle Bin

Lets Get The Recycle Bin Back!

Deleting Your Recycle Bin...Oops...

I am sure everyone that has had a computer with Windows 7 on it has done it before. Right click on Recycle bin and click 'delete' instead of 'Empty Recycle Bin.' It is a fairly simple
mistake. I will show you a quick way to bring it back.

Here Are Two Ways To Get Your Recycle Bin Back:

First, Right click on the desktop, not on any icons just open desktop.

Then click on 'Personalize'

You should see a window that pops up, on the left hand side choose
'Change Desktop Icons'

Once you have that screen, simply click the check box next to recycle
bin and it will be displayed on your desktop!


If you are having difficulties finding an empty spot on your desktop,
you can just as easily click on the start menu in the lower left hand
corner of your desktop.

On the right hand side click on 'Control Panel'

Once you have control panel open the rest is pretty much the same.

Click on the Personalization options.

Look at the top of the left hand menu, you should see 'Change desktop

Just click there, then click on the box next to Recycle Bin.

Congratulations! You Did It!

There ya go! Now you are all set and you will know the next time it will
inevitably happen.

Windows 7 Recycle Bin

Have you ever deleted your Recycle Bin by mistake?

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