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which desktop should i buy

Updated on December 12, 2007

A desktop PC (personal computer) can last for years, there still comes a time to purchase either a new computer or an additional computer. Since it may have been a while since the last purchase, contemplating purchasing a new one might be stressful A computer used for games usually needs a faster processor, a high-end graphics card and lots of memory. A desktop computer for Internet use needs the appropriate connectivity, either an ethernet card or a modem, depending on the type on Internet connection

Processors (CPUs)

It is still really a choice between an AMD and an Intel processor.

Both Intel and AMD are now producing dual core processors, which are extremely powerful, but this isn't required for the ways most people use their computersProcessor speeds are measured in GHz, and the basic rule is the higher the number the faster the processor

memory (RAM)

It is best to have at least 1GB of memory in the system and preferably 2GBAvoid systems using the older DDR memory standard. In terms of amount,

Hard Drives

The better the performance and capacity. In a desktop, it is best to have at least 250GB or more of storage space these days. In terms of speed,high performance 10,000rpm drives are available. Most drives use the Serial ATA interface now for ease of installation.


LCDs are pretty much the standard now because of their reduced size and power consumption

19-inch the best overall value although 20 to 22-inch models are quickly dropping in price. Wider display screens are also becoming much more common than the tradition 4:3 aspect ratio

Video Cards

If you aren't really doing any 3D graphics at all, then integrated graphics may be just fine

Things to consider include performance, the amount of memory on the card, output connectors and the version of Direct X supported. Those looking to do any gaming should really consider a Direct X 10 card with at least 256MB of memory onboard.

Optical Drives (CD/DVD)

Most systems sold now feature DVD burners make sure that you get a multiformat DVD burner that can support both the +R/RW and -R/RW formats. Speeds should be 16x for the recordable speed. Dual or Double Layer media support is also a common feature


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