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Why iPhone 4s?

Updated on May 8, 2013
My iPhone 4s home screen
My iPhone 4s home screen

What CAN'T an iPhone 4S Do?

This is not going to be an average iPhone 4S review, because I am not an average tech geek (even though I would like to be!)

If you want to learn some fun things about the iPhone 4S, and why I enjoy using it, and you may too, then this is the article for you.

So let's get to it! Let's talk a little bit about the iPhone 4S and the fun you can have with it.

I'll cover:

  1. Using Siri
  2. Taking Screenshots
  3. Using Messages
  4. Find my Friend App - Tracking Your Friends
  5. FaceTime - Built in App

Siri taking my note...
Siri taking my note...

Siri - My Girlfriend

If you watch Big Bang Theory then you might get that reference. If not, that's okay - just know that Siri is the part of your phone which can answer all of your questions in a females voice.

First of all, I should say that the iOS 6 update that happened on September 19th, 2012 (I believe), is my best friend.

Before the iOS 6 update, Siri knew some stuff, but she couldn't answer a lot of things for me because I was in Canada. She kept saying "I'm sorry, Kari, I cannot look up directions in Canada." That was disappointing.

But thankfully, the iOS update happened 3 days after I bought the iPhone 4S and now I can say "Where is the nearest gas station?" And instead of her saying "I'm sorry...." she now says, "I found twelve gas station...eleven of them are fairly close to you."

  • She knows where the restaurants are around me.
  • She knows what 2 + 2 is just in case I forget.
  • She knows how many teaspoons are in a cup.
  • She even knows where my man is right now. She is that good.

You can ask Siri anything by putting the phone up to your ear or just holding down the button with the square on it (I told you I wasn't technical). If she doesn't know the answer she will either say "Sorry, I can't answer that." or "Would you like me to look that up on the web?"

There is not much she doesn't know though.

She can also open up apps for you, take notes, send messages, call people, make appointments, and so much more.

So, that is the Siri feature, and my husband and I absolutely love it.

Taking Screenshots on the iPhone 4S

Call me behind the times, but I always wondered how people took screenshots of their phones and then put it on Facebook - or better yet, Ellen's Clumsy Thumbsy part of her show (see video directly below).

Anyhow, on the iPhone 4S, all you have to do is hold down the top power button and the menu button (round one with the square) at the same time. Boom. Done. You can take a screenshot of anything on your phone.

Clumsy Thumbsy on Ellen

Talking out my message on iPhone 4S
Talking out my message on iPhone 4S

Using Messages

Yes, I know this is pretty standard, but one of the things I love most about the iPhone 4S is the instant messages. I used to own a Blackberry, and it was never this fun for me.

Using the message feature is pretty self-explanatory, but I just wanted to note two things that I love about the iPhone 4S and the message system.

1. Being able to attach a photo or video alongside your instant message. This is kind of like a "Let me show you!" feature. Instead of just telling someone what is happening, you can show them. Or you can attach an old photo or video that you have stored on your camera.

2. Being able to talk instead of type. My friend is a killer texter...she can text out a novel in a few minutes. I, on the other hand, cannot text that fast, and that is why I love the ability to talk out my message and make minor corrections along the way.

That purple dot is where my husband has gone to now in his work building
That purple dot is where my husband has gone to now in his work building

Find My Friend App

This app allows you to 'track' where your friends are. First, of course, they have to accept your invitation to 'track' them, and vice-versa so that they can see where you are.

I say 'track' because that is really what it is. I have spent the last hour watching my husband move from one office to another in his building. It literally shows me where in the building he is! I've even noticed that he has gone outside the building. It is absolutely insane!

The good news is that only the people who you accept to be friends on the app will actually be able to see you (except the government and likely the entire Apple staff, but they already know where you are anywase!)

There is also a feature where you can hide your location from your followers; however, if you hide your location to your wife or husband, then they may get a little suspicious. This is why you should only accept friends to track you that you have no secrets with!

Of course, this would come in handy with tracking your kids. You will know when they left school or got to school; although, I can see a lot of complaints from this one. Let's just say I'm glad this wasn't around when I was a kid!

It would also come in handy when you go to the wrong coffee shop to meet your friend, and realize that they are at the other end of town when you check in to see if they are almost there.

But for me, it will be a good tool to have that will let me know when to boil that pasta so that my husband can have supper the exact moment he gets home. lol - and vice-versa.

If you don't want your friends tracking your every move then you may want to use the temporary invitation. You can invite your friends to see each others location for a certain event, day, and time - and when the time ends, their ability to see you, and everyone else in the group, ends as well.



FaceTime is a built in app. I wanted to use this so bad when we got our phones, but before the update, I couldn't FaceTime with my husband outside of a wi-fi network. Now, though...I FaceTimed him this morning (twice) while I was still in bed and he was on his way to work. lol.

I love, love, LOVE, this feature. It's like having a Skype call, only it seems to be much clearer and more in real time. I think all conversations should have a visual element to makes them more exciting and appealing.

What is great, is that you can use the camera in the front or the back, and either show your face or your surroundings, with the click of an on-screen button. No awkward moving to see if you are actually showing someone what you think you are showing them, because you can see everything that you are broadcasting (no matter which camera angle you are using) on your screen.

iPhone Stopped Working - Replaced Instantly

My husbands iPhone stopped working the other night. He had the phone for about four months.

He was looking at something on the phone one minute and about ten minutes later it just stopped working. The screen went black.

He thought he would charge it, but the next morning the iPhone screen was still black.

So, we were advised to make an appointment at our nearest apple store and get it checked out there. WOW! The service at that apple store was better than any service I have had anywhere.

The store was packed with people looking at iPads, iPhones, iMacs and everything else they had there, and I swear to god, there were almost equal number of staff as customers.

My husband got his phone looked at and replaced within 10 minutes. It was awesome!

Plus, they do everything with tablets (according to my husband) inside the store. No cash resisters. Which is just cook, and I right?


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    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 

      6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      You outline the phone features very well. I do not have an iPhone but know this hub will help many people who do. I will be sharing over on Twitter today too :)


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