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Why PayPal money adder is a scam

Updated on April 30, 2014


I stumbled upon this software when I did a Google search on PayPal money. The uploaders of these videos claimed that you can add unlimited amount of money into your PayPal account. Out of curiosity, I tried to click on their links and File Ice directs me to their own website. I need to fill a survey before I can download the so-called "crack" for PayPal. Unfortunately, after I completed the survey, the download did not unlock. Therefore, I decided to try other versions of PayPal money adder downloads but none of them works.

How Paypal scammers trick you:

1. The scammers will always upload a file to a file sharing website that need you to fill a survey before you download the file or you will be given a locked zip file which required you to fill a survey in other websites to retrieve the password. You may have successfully downloaded the file but you may find out that the software you are trying to execute is not working. It either said that your downloaded software has expired and you need to download an updated version of the software or you get an error message which said that you need certain softwares such as Microsoft Windows Net Framework to run.

2. Just if you can download and successfully executed the application, don't be too happy because the application will need you to enter your PayPal account password to add money or it requires an installation into your computer. Never a genuine crack software like this requires your account password or installation into your computer!

Suspicious surveys

The person who uploaded the video showed proof on how their accounts can turn from US$ 0 to US$ 1000 in a split second. The trick for this is that you can manipulate the numbers easily from the video using a Photoshop application. But one thing I cannot comprehend is how some of them can get so many positive comments and likes on their YouTube videos. When I clicked on the survey link, I would be required to sign up some offers where some of them are pure scam which requires you to download applications filled with bugs where installation cannot even be completed properly.

You can rest assured that spam emails will be flooding your mailbox after you entered your details into the sign-up form. Some offers requires you to sign up another offer to complete the registration which is very troublesome and the download does not unlock eventually. In the end, only the uploader of the dummy crack profited from your filled surveys.

Why money adder is not possible?

Imagine that if you have money adder, and you want to help more people by releasing it on the internet; what would you do? You will give it for free right? Why would they put it into the survey sites to make money? Money earned from surveys would make up only very small fraction of their total earnings since they have the greatest money adder! Ethical hacker believed that a user should be satisfied with the software before they buy it so they distributed their cracks for free with no strings attached.

These scammers claimed that they need surveys to prevent abuses and show that you are a human, not a bot. These are lame excuses because a simple image CAPTCHA would be enough to show if the downloader is a human or a bot! How can a survey help to verify that if the downloader is having a criminal mind? I think a resumé or an interview will be better!

If money adder is real, each PayPal dollar would worth much less now, just like how Bitcoin fared in August 2011 where its value dropped to less than a penny overnight after a hacker took away millions of Bitcoins from MtGox website. Such money adders did not gain notability like "Windows 7 Loader"crack in the news because it is not working. Not single news mentioned that hackers can steal money by manipulating transmissions from PayPal servers unless the hackers gain access to users' accounts!

Learn how to make the most of your Paypal account

PayPal For Dummies
PayPal For Dummies

This book gives you ways to make the most out of your Paypal account during buying or selling

PayPal Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools
PayPal Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

This book provides you ways on using your Paypal account to your benefit when you are selling or purchasing online.

The PayPal Wars: Battles with eBay, the Media, the Mafia, and the Rest of Planet Earth
The PayPal Wars: Battles with eBay, the Media, the Mafia, and the Rest of Planet Earth

The history on how Paypal is able to become the world leading payment processor and how it survived the crisis in the year 1999.

Anonymous slogan
Anonymous slogan

Money adder from Anonymous?

Some scammers even uses Anonymous hacktivist group's reputation to promote their dummy money adder. I can tell you, Anonymous never release such money adder. They only performed a DDos attack during "Operation Avenge Assange" and paralysed PayPal servers after PayPal denies funds to Wikileaks.

Wait, what about survey bypasser/removal tool?

Most of the people who can't get the files unlocked from the survey sites will most probably search for survey bypasser/removal tool. If you are doing this, then they have successfully scammed you second time! Similar to PayPal money adder, they locked these survey removal softwares and requires you to fill a series of offers from survey sites.

Some of the uploaders even claimed that just fill another survey, then you are free from surveys forever! How ridiculous, to get rid of surveys, we need to fill another survey? If such people believed they can hack such survey sites easily, they wouldn't have upload their survey removal tools there! Why they just cannot distribute their softwares for free?

In the end, you still need to fill those annoying surveys.


All in all, PayPal money adder is a false claim by the scammers. Do not waste time finding a "legit" money adder because it does not exist! Remember, you cannot get a bunch of money flowing into your account without putting in any hard work!

What do you think about Paypal money adder? Is it a scam?

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    • profile image

      shane 21 months ago

      yep just waisted time till i landed here thanx much

    • chelleadams profile image

      Chelle Adams 2 years ago from Somewhere Out There

      I wondered about this and you made some great points ... nice read!

    • profile image

      Dennis 3 years ago

      I make good money into my PayPal account, but I'm selling quite a few products to make that'income. I make a couple of thousand every month just selling products.

    • profile image

      sandeep nayak 3 years ago

      If you want to make money online the only genuine way is email marketing or products creations.if anyone is interested pm me on fb@ sandy nayak

    • profile image

      Jman 3 years ago

      My theory is that all of the "positive comments" on some of these sites and YouTube videos are an inside job. They probably had spam bots, or people inside the hacker community create fictitious accounts to provide false positive feedback. These hackers are smart enough to know that social proof sells.

    • profile image

      afaq ahmad 3 years ago

      well thanks for all friends for discussing about this serious issues. i m tired by download so many paypal,payza money adders but nothing work actually and the bloody survey also. i m confused about what the positive feedback people given them , how they hackers recived positive feedback .......... someone give me answer i shall be very thankful to him

    • profile image

      SexyAnon 3 years ago

      Yup. tried for three days to make software work, did everything all the cracks were viruses and the ones that said "no survey no password" my cpu quarantined as viruses. Be careful!

    • profile image

      abani k mallick 3 years ago

      hello dear friend. i really liked our post about money adder software. even i suffered a lot on this. but what about the positive responses they get in their all that also fakes .?

    • profile image

      Isma.A 3 years ago

      Thanks bro. for good information . . for the first time heard this stuff, I know it scam. Logically, who give away for free, if you have the ATM sucking money to you account every day.

    • cosmomed1 profile image

      cosmomed1 4 years ago from Sarawak, Malaysia

      Thank you all for reading my article and submitting your comments! What I can say is that there is no free lunch in the world. If someone promises you large sums of money with little work, you should aware that it comes with a greater risk which he is trying to hide from you.

    • profile image

      justin95 4 years ago

      So if anyone knows what to do on the net that actually make money. I joined very very much all " make money online" program but total everything I have been received at the end of month is NOTHING

    • profile image

      justin95 4 years ago

      So if anyone knows what to do on the net that actually earn income ? I joined very very much all " make money online" program but the thing I have been receive on the month is NOTHING. I am really so sad

    • profile image

      w1cht3l 4 years ago

      the money adder in facebook groups that release credit card and paypal emails are , when you log as them , paypal will keep asking you secret question that only the original register person can answer correctly. also, some needs the credit card number, bank account number, it's difficult to use the possible link, credit number on the facebook group which printed credit card number. because I tried all credit card, CSC code. expiry date, useless

    • profile image

      w1cht3l 4 years ago

      if the money adder does not really add money, how come there are "successful people"???????? and "testimonials"?

    • profile image

      w1cht3l 4 years ago

      I tried all links, they are tricky and no money add to your paypal I wonder why some people has money added when most of us are still zero dollars.

    • profile image

      w1cht3l 4 years ago

      I used all possible and found that they need you to do rubbish surveys and send SMS ON to a scam number 506688, I also think it's scam. even when I send SMS. there is no money rise in my paypal. still zero dollars. yes it's scam

    • profile image

      tjunedited 4 years ago

      I know it is 100% A Scam. If you are successful at downloading and using this software, your PayPal email address will be stolen by theses Hackers and they will use your PayPal email address to Steal money from your account by Requesting Money from your PayPal Account, and if your account doesn't have sufficient funds in it, they will go after your backup credit card and bank account that's on file with PayPal for the funds.

      They will keep trying by requesting various amounts until they are successful, and if you notice any unauthorized transactions on your account, you will have to file a Fraud Claims Dispute to get the transaction Reversed. If this happens or has happened to you, File a dispute and call PayPal so they can take action on these Scam Artist and be sure to change your PayPal email address by adding a different one and Delete the email address the Hackers are using to Steal money from your account.

      PayPal has made it too easy for its members to request funds from other PayPal Account holders, and the Hackers are using it to their advantage by collecting PayPal email addresses for the sole purpose of Stealing Money from people's PayPal Accounts with their "PayPal Hack Software."

      If you didn't notice, the PayPal email address they are putting in the software in the video Demo is actually a STOLEN PayPal email address. Think about it, where else can the money come from in order to have it transferred to their accounts?

      I will be working with PayPal on this one so that they are aware of this type of software and its sole purpose and use by the Hackers.

      If you are thinking about downloading for free or even buying this software, take my advice and DON'T DO IT!!

      You will Not benefit from this software nor will money be added to your PayPal account, instead money will money will only be Stolen from your PayPal account.

    • profile image

      yuyubeanz 4 years ago

      yes, I agree it is defly a scam, there is one that even has his own website and sells it as well as others for less than $7 but you can just tell it's a scam. smh, I agree if this was real it woulda been on the news as hackers hacking into paypal, if it is to good to be true it usually is. and if this was for real why would they just put it on youtube, that is the ultimate money genie, you would keep it private to not have it messed with!

    • razelle09 profile image

      razelle09 4 years ago

      i've actually heard of this paypal money adder, at first I'm sure that it's a scam, PayPal is a big company and now way they would tolerate this kind of software/script

    • cosmomed1 profile image

      cosmomed1 4 years ago from Sarawak, Malaysia

      Thanks for your comments!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      Thanks for the helpful information.


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