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A Product Review: How my New Wi-Ex zBoost yx510 Improved my Productivity

Updated on December 18, 2011

The Day I Received my Wi-Ex zBoost Cell Phone Repeater Kit

Having a weak signal is one of the drawbacks in having a cell phone. I for one should know because having a bad cell phone signal has always been a problem of mine. Not only is it a pain to have dropped calls, but it also defeats the point of having a mobile phone if you can only make calls where you want.

I always get frustrated in not being able to send and receive messages or make important calls to family, friends and colleagues. And for someone who owns a home business, this is not a very good scenario. My friends and relatives that come over have enough signal to receive calls, but they get disconnected easily. There is only one nook in my house that has a good signal. But I can’t stay in that corner forever.

Luckily, I recently discovered that there are devices, known as signal boosters that are out in the market. One day, a friend told me about Wi-Ex zBoost yx510 Cell Phone Repeater. I researched about it online and read some positive and negative reviews about it. One review that caught my attention was CNET's review – it made me decide to try the zBoost YX510 myself, and it was amazing! It came with an installation manual which is so easy to understand and follow. Setting up the YX510 was no sweat! But the great part is that I won’t have to experience the same difficulties that I had before. But it doesn’t stop there, even the 3G signal of my phone improved because of this zBoost cell phone repeater, allowing me to check my emails on my phone.

How my New Cell Phone Repeater Boosted my Productivity

The increase in cell phone signal strength I have from the YX510 is indeed a relief for me. Not only was I spared from the hassles of having disconnected calls, it also proved advantageous for my business. My cell phone plays a key role in the industry I am in. And with my newly installed Wi-Ex zBoost yx510, my work efficiency has really been boosted. Now, I would never have to suffer the trouble of having disconnected calls or undelivered messages. With this, I was able to reach my clients and colleagues without interruptions. With strong signal, my team was able to communicate and collaborate efficiently and this shortens the time frame of business transactions. The result is an impressive increase in productivity and services rendered. This has opened a door for me to venture out to a broader market.

How may I recommend this Wi-Ex zBoost

The Wi-Ex zBoost yx510 delivered results I have long wished for. It provided me with the additional “bars” I needed to communicate properly. It is really a reliable and beneficial tool for everyone. This would also play a vital role for a businessmen and for anyone who is having problems with their cell phone signal, thus, this zBoost cell phone signal booster is very convenient to use. It is highly recommended to a very busy person that considers a cell phone as an indispensable gadget in this age of technological advancement. With this signal booster, the benefits will make every penny spent worth it.

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