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Will Alexa Ranking Increase My Adsense Earning

Updated on February 16, 2016

Too many people believe that if they could get their website rank so well on Alexa, it will automatically make them good AdSense earnings. Increased Alexa ranking will only increase your earnings if you are looking to external sources of monetizing your website such as selling ad spaces on your website.

Perhaps, sharing my real life experience will give everyone an idea of how Alexa ranking is NOT directly proportional to increased AdSense earnings.

I registered a domain in February 2015 and set up a website immediately. Then I knew little about SEO. After leaving the website to find its own ranking over the months, the much talked about alexa ranking caught my attention. I finally gave my website a check on alexa in January 2016 and was ranking 16million plus with 3 backlinks to my site. I told myself this must be the reason my AdSense earnings were ridiculous. I was earning about 0.01cent daily and most times none.

I registered for various SEO programmes including Samurai and installed Yoast. Paid attention to keywords, long tails, picture alt, etc. Surprisingly, my website is currently 491,000 and this is just the second month of active SEO. I must accept that SEO is a fulltime work and it is a never ending tasks, but if you are able to do it right you will see immediate improvement on your website.

One would think a website that used to rank 16million and now ranking 461,000 would have increased in AdSense earning but it is heartbreaking to let you know that I still earn in the range of 0.01. Of course, there were times I have earned 0.65, 0.45, etc but never earned $1 in one day. Even as I write this article, I have not made up to $50 in my AdSense account not to talk of reaching payment threshold of $100.My highest page views have been 170. There is nothing that will take the place of traffic when it comes to earning and best source of traffic are the ones you get through organic search.

However, I realized if I had been working so hard on my website like writing articles and using lots of SEO tactics in the last one year of my website existence, I have no doubt my AdSense would have far improved on earnings. This may not be far from the fact that I did not set up my website initially for blogging but was set up as a business webpage. It was the hype about Alexa ranking that caught my attention and one of the key things I realize I have to do to get good ranking is writing articles. In fact, it is when you write articles that you will be able to perform most of the tricks of SEO in favour of your website. I currently use Hubpages as a supplement though as I noticed my articles receive more page views on this platform.

Hope this article is able to clear the fact that Alexa ranking only tells you how popular your website is compared with other 20million websites in the world and has little to do with your page views and AdSense earnings. You are fully responsible for driving traffic to your website by using SEO and social media in order to increase page views. You will also need to place your adverts at strategic places on your website in order to increase your click and conversion rate.

On a last note, AdSense is not the only stream of income for websites. There are other great alternatives you can add while you build your AdSense earning to a decent one.

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