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Will The Nikon D3200 Be The One I Choose?

Updated on November 29, 2013

The Family Photographer

I go to all my grandchildren's sporting events and love watching them scoring or just doing their very best, and I never forget to take my digital camera with me.With 5 frames per shot I can pick and choose quite a few of the very best.

The nicest thing for me is that I can have my favourite photos enlarged to poster size, like a couple of action shots I took of two of my grandsons playing football with their school teams.

I can hardly wait to present these very large framed photos of them in full flight, which I'll be giving to them as part of their Christmas gifts, to hang in their bedrooms, family rooms or wherever they'd like to show them off.

Nikon D3200 - Will This Be The one?

Do you, like me love taking photographs? Family, holidays, grandpooches, (the family puppies of our children, yes we get to babysit them too) and such a joy to watch and photograph the many bees busily pollinating our flowers, the beautiful colourful Lorikeets and Parrots who visit us every day and love the sunflower seeds that we provide for their "meals", and Lizzie, our blue tongued lizard, who comes out of her cocoon, in our garden, to sun herself.

What better hobby could you have than being out and about recording nature at it's best, your grandchildren's first steps and first words, and later their sporting events, recording a little bit of history that parents sometimes don't have time to do, that's when grandparents come in handy for all sorts of things, but my camera is never far away when my grandchildren are with me.

Jamie Oliver's Cooking Demo With David Loftus Photographing With His Nikon D3200 Camera - If It's Good enough For Jamie and David, It's good Enough For me

My Garden Delights.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Voila!Sunflower about to come to life.King Parrot in my GardenFeeding on my Dogwood Tree BlossomsLizzie my Blue Tongued Lizard.King Parrots Eating my Cherry Blossoms
Sunflower about to come to life.
Sunflower about to come to life.
King Parrot in my Garden
King Parrot in my Garden
Feeding on my Dogwood Tree Blossoms
Feeding on my Dogwood Tree Blossoms
Lizzie my Blue Tongued Lizard.
Lizzie my Blue Tongued Lizard.
King Parrots Eating my Cherry Blossoms
King Parrots Eating my Cherry Blossoms

About My Garden delights - Butter Wouldn't Melt In Katy's Mouth, But Lizzie Nearly Did.

I didn't plant these gorgeous Sunflowers, I simply filled the birdhouse with sunflower seeds and the birds did the rest, I just had to take photographs of the process of the flowers as they grew!

The orange King Parrots come almost every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as do the blue and red Lorikeets,(photo to appear later) who are quite aggressive and if they get there first, there's no meal for the more timid Parrots.Some of them take to the front garden and prune anything with a flower, and even my lovely ferns. I'm not complaining, they all grow again.My lovely grey visitor with the orange head whose species escapes me for the moment, will update later, also comes just now and then, I think he knows about the Lorikeets.

As for Lizzie, we only see her in the hot summer months when she comes out to sun herself, and we always keep watch when Katy, our huge Samoyed grandpooch is around. One day when our backs were turned Katy got hold of Lizzie, threw her up in the air and waited for her with open mouth, poor Lizzie would have been a real treat for Katy had we not caught her in time.

I feel obliged to mention that Lizzie is not quite a normal lizard either. She got into the house somehow without our notice, walked all the way down our hall and into the computer room, and we had the devil of a job getting her outside again and into her own home under one of our walls in the garden.

We do however, love all of this activity, bird singing and bees buzzing in our lives.

Just As a matter Of Interest

Dad's First Brownie Camera...Photography In Olden Days

My father was a passionate amateur photographer, many moons ago, when I was a child. He converted the attic in our house, to a dark/room where he developed and printed all of his own photos. It was a huge hobby for him and we children were some of his best subjects, sitting for hours while he got the light and focus just right for a perfect photograph. He had many subjects of course, and he loved catching light and shadow.

His cameras were always of the highest standard, and he upgraded as soon as the newest models hit the market.

In his studio/darkroom he improvised with spotlights using tin bowls with light bulbs and cables to give the precise lighting he required.

Here he also hung his negatives on a line, maybe to dry, I'm not sure why, but he would then swirl plain white Kodak paper around in dishes of special liquid until the images appeared. From my memory that's the way the magic happened. It was all black and white in those days and the finished product had to be treated with a pencil fine paint brush dipped in mysterious dark grey liquid to eliminate blemishes, usually white or grey spots.

His favourites were then enlarged to 12-14 and 16 inches, mounted, and sent off to a photography exhibition somewhere in Europe, where he won many prizes, cups, medals etc.

Sketch Style Photo - Image Courtesy of Nikon

An impossibility to achieve with a camera pre digital days.

Dad has been dead for 20 years now, and so much has changed so swiftly, I wonder what he would make of the digital era in cameras! I am sure he would miss the step by step journey to his own finished product, but I also have no doubt that he would embrace and enjoy the very many new ideas and features that are rolled into the ever smaller camera bodies, that are so popular nowadays.

I am pleased that I too am very interested in this hobby, though in a less time consuming way.

New From Amazon - Studio Tent With Accessories

New Photo Studio Tent Cube In Light Box Professional Tripod Kit
New Photo Studio Tent Cube In Light Box Professional Tripod Kit

How thrilled my Father would have been with this New Studio Tent.


What Do You Think About The Nikon D3200? - Please Share Your Opinion

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    • Kazee LM profile image

      Kay Collier 4 years ago from Australia

      @leatherwooddesign: How sad that you had to sell your 35mm film camera, however digital are so versatile that you can have everything in one. I too love black and white. I'm reading your lens on Vintage Photos at the moment and will be sure to leave a comment, then I look forward to checking your Amazing Photograhs lens. Thank you for commenting on my Nikon lens. Yes, we certainly have a similar love, it's all history for our grandchildren.

    • leatherwooddesign profile image

      Marisa Horn 4 years ago from Rintown Pa

      I owned a Nikon 35 mm film camera but with the cost and the introduction of the digital camera I just sold it. I miss it, it had a 300mm zoom lens :( It is wonderful that you spend your time doing photos. If you get a chance check you My Amazing Photographs lens. It shows the photos I was able to get using the Nikon. We have a similar love :)

    • Kazee LM profile image

      Kay Collier 4 years ago from Australia

      @aleereviews: So pleased that you're happy with this great camera, and thank you for commenting on my lens.

    • aleereviews profile image

      aleereviews 4 years ago

      I own one of these myself. It's a great camera!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      My elder brother likes Nikon and I used his camera in the past, still I do if I need. No doubt that it is a great brand :)