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"Windows cannot find" error message - fix it now!

Updated on October 3, 2012

Quick solution of this problem

Do you see "Windows cannot find somefile.exe" error message upon Windows boot? You are not alone! This is a common problem, and now I'll show you how to solve it completely, once and forever. Here is fast and easy solution: Download "Windows Cannot Find" Fix Wizard here now This Wizard will solve your problems with "Windows cannot find file" error messages in one click. Really! Tested.

However, if you prefer to take everything under your own supervision, below you'll find manual solution of this problem.

The typical "Windows cannot find" error message

Manual solution method

  1. Use at your own risk!
  2. Backup registry and system settings before applying it.
  3. If you are not sure what you are doing, better use "Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard" from the beginning of this page.

Ok, so let's start with fixing Windows Cannot Find problem right now.

1) Memorize the name of the file which Windows can't find from the error message you see at windows startup.

2) Open Start->Run, then type "msconfig.exe" into the dialog appeared and press Enter. Switch to the Startup tab of "MSConfig" utility.

3) Search for the name of file you memorized in the list of startup entries. Pay attention both to autorun entry name and autorun file path parts. If you saw such entry, double check that it is not a system critical process and then uncheck it.

4) Reboot and verify if your error message gone.

5) If you still see "Windows cannot find" error at Windows startup, launch system utility called "sfc.exe" from Start->run dialog. Let it check your Windows files and recover absent or corrupted ones.

6) if this doesn't solve your problem as well, launch your favorite anti virus and anti spyware. If you don't have one, we recommend True Sword (search for it in Google).

7) If you see the error message after all above mentioned manipulation, it is a hard case and some professional should take care of your computer. Submit support request at the support section of site. The professionals from SSH helped a lot of people already, so they'll definitely help you as well.

I wish your problem is solved now!

Different kinds of Windows Cannot Find error messages

Windows cannot find rundll.exe

There is no such legal file in Windows

Windows cannot find scvvhost.exe It is different from svchost.exe!Windows cannot find spoolsv32.exe This is not legal Printer Spooler from Windows! It has nothing to do with your printer.Windows cannot find svchost.exe Generic Host Application that can host both legal and maliciosu file.s It is not the source of problem itself in most cases, but the files it hosts.Windows cannot find rundll32.exe Legal Windows file (don't mix with rundll.exe wich is malicious one).Windows cannot find null.exe Known and very malicious spyware. Beware it!Windows cannot find msconfig.exe Standard system utility of Windows. If it is missed, suspect virus activity on your computer.

What Microsoft tells us about this problem?

Searching for "Windows cannot find" in Microsoft Knowledge-base brings the following results:

"Windows Cannot Find Openme.exe" Error Message When You Start Windows

It contains the solution that is not listed in above sections. It is refers the case when malicious program changed winlogon registry entry, but some anti virus deleted the infection. So if you tried above mentioned solution and it doesn't help, search Microsoft Knowledge-base for soltuon - there are interesting articles there.

Faced with this problem? Share your experience!

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    • profile image

      Bill Blagdon 7 years ago

      Did the Manual Solution, and that worked perfectly. Thank you.