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windows out of range

Updated on May 17, 2016

Windows out of range?

Here's a quick and simple way to fix it

Step 1: try and restart ure pc mutiple times

step2: Look if ure cable is good in ure monitor

Step3: If that doesnt work enter safe mode by restarting ure pc and hold f8 until a menu opens and select safe mode

Step4: when ure at windows go to ure windows button and type Msconfig a window will apear

Step5: go to the second window u will see this

Step6: Tick the box base display

Step7: restart pc in normal mode

step8: ure screen will look fucked up dont worry about it

step9:revert ure screen resolution by right click on ure desktop and select change screen resolution

step10: go back to msconfig and go to the second window and deselect base display

step11: restart pc

step12: Enjoy :)

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