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Hide Drives from your PC in Windows 7 or Vista

Updated on August 29, 2010

Hide Drives from your PC in Windows 7 or Vista

If you are using windows 7 or Vista and you have got unnecessary files or those drives which you never accessed and have just used for any specific part of software, hide them. We all know that windows 7 and vista provides some great features, hiding drives from the pc is one of them. If you do not want the drives to appear on screen you can conceal them, this will make those hidden files unavailable for the other users and hence it will protect the data inside them, to do so follow the steps given below.

First of all click on the start menu and type “gpedit.msc” in the search bar. Then a new window of Local Group Policy Editor Window and expand Local Computer Policy, from there click the option of User Configuration, and then move on to Administrative Templates, then hit Windows Component and in the end you need to click on Windows Explorer. A new Folder will be popped-up. In this folder, check out the right item list and search for “prevent access to drives from My Computer” and click on it twice. Mark Enable and place the options the way you need to prevent access to drive from My Computer.

Then, to apply these settings and save the changes you made, you have to click on “Apply” and then click on “OK” button. In this way you will be able to hide the drives.

Moreover following these steps will also protect your data and the software could not be installed when the whole thing is locked and there will be no way to get the data accessible. So there will be no way for anyone to grab your very own data and no one can make any kind of changes in it.


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