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Wipe It Clean Steps To Remove Personal Data From Devices

Updated on June 14, 2014

Remember To Clean Personal Information From All Devices

Are you upgrading phone, computer, or other devices? This page is an overview of how to Wipe it clean, sell it, recycle it, and protect your personal information. You have many devices with personal data on them. For example... your phone automatically logs into your Facebook account, syncs your photos, and sends you notifications about emails, posts from family, instagram updates, or your favorite Pinterest board. Your phone is an open gateway to your personal information, passwords, and your accounts.

The wide range of apps we are installing on our phones these days puts our accounts at our fingertips. What do we do when we want to upgrade, sell or give away our current phone, or change our services? We will have personal data on the phone (or iPad or computer) and we should remove it all before we pass the device on to anyone else.

Before you let your device out of your hands be sure to remove all of your personal data. This way the new owner isn't going to have access to your accounts online (games, friends, work, shopping, banking, etc.). Remove all portable information (SD cards etc.) and if your passing on your number as well be sure to visit each website where your number is connected (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and disconnect the association with that number.

Wipe it clean might seem like a long process but if you compare the time you will spend doing this with the potential of long term harm you might never be able to recover from it is a good idea to invest the time for these security steps and protect your personal data and online access information.

Photo Credit Pixabay Public Domain Commercial License Smartphone

Deactivating Apps Isn't Enough -- Ask Manufacturer For Details

It might seem like enough to deactivate the applications on your phone... but it isn't.

It isn't enough to deactivate apps, or remove passwords from site by site, because your phone still remembers and sites remember your phone. Anyone might find out how to reactivated it using your data by following those steps which are included on most services which are to protect us from being locked out of our accounts.

The safest way to protect yourself is to wipe the data clean (back to factory settings) and remove portable data. Then an experienced identity hacker isn't going to have anything to access. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of the device for more details so you are certain to cover all the bases.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

If you are looking to replace your current model this is a Samsung Galaxy. I have enjoyed two generations of Samsung phones over the years (I get a new one ever 4-5 years).


Wipe It Clean Videos

One of the most important things about removing your data is to remember to remove portable information (Memory cards, SD cards, etc.)

Find the device you are wishing to wipe clean and watch the step by step. If you don't find the device you are looking for you might find a video or steps on the manufacturer's website.

This shows the steps to remove your personal data from an iPad

When you do this process remove your SD card before selling or giving away your phone.

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Recycle Your Phones and Electronics
Recycle Your Phones and Electronics

Remove The Portable Drives And Memory Cards

Don't give away your personal information when you give or sell your phone or computer. According to Gazelle you need to remove your sim card from your phone to protect your personally identifying information. They state they are required to remove and destroy any sim cards which are still in phones, to protect your information, but, they ask you to do this first to ensure this step. What if your phone is intercepted before it arrives to them?

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Image Credit Public Domain Commercial License Pixabay,com

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If you have more information from your experience and have tips on how we can wipe it clean or just want to say hello please use the following area to leave a note.

What kind of device are you going to wipe clean?

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