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Wireless Keyboard For Your Cellphones and Tablets

Updated on May 8, 2016

A few years back QWERTY keypad phones were much popular around the world. But now everyone is after touch screen phones. It was just like a dream came true, controlling our phone with our touch. Now almost everyone prefers touch screen phones over normal keypad phones. As it’s easy to use and has so many attractive features.

Although it have so many good features. Everyone will wish to have a normal keypad phone while typing a message in their touch screen phone. Because typing in touch screen phones are much difficult comparing to that of normal keypad phones.

Blue tooth keyboard introduced by Elecom

A new foldable wireless keyboard has been released by Elecom and this keyboard helps us to connect with all Smartphone’s, laptops, PC and tablets if it supports Bluetooth connectivity. The keyboard is made of soft silicon material. It is so compact and lightweight. We can roll it up just like a news paper and can be easily carried with us.

Keyboard has 88 keys in QWERTY format. Latest Bluetooth technology is used in the keyboard and so pairing with the devices is so easy. The connection is possible up to a distance of 3 meters. It requires two AAA size batteries for its operation. Now it is also available in different color such as white, black and blue. We can get it for a price of $95 from the market.

How to connect the keyboard

To connect the keyboard with the device we have to power on the keyboard, then we need to press the “connect button” which is located near to the “power on button”. When this is done, the pairing with other Bluetooth device will be done automatically.


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