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WordPress Web Design in Kenya

Updated on May 15, 2016

Kenya is one of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa said to have embraced technology with both arms. The country is one of the most connected to the internet, thanks to the fiber cable that cuts across the country from the Indian ocean

This has led to rapid growth in the tech industry and has seen many startups coming up to help solve the problems faced by the country over the years.

We have seen the number of websites rise to hundreds of thousands in just a few years. Most started out as blogs and now we have hundreds of e-commerce website out there.

WordPress has been at the center of it all, now powering half the countries websites in Kenya. When we talk about WordPress Web Development, we are talking about how rapidly web design firms are embracing WordPress technology to build websites for their clients.

It costs anywhere from KES. 12,000 to 100,000 for one to get a professional WordPress website, this depends on the technicality and type of website the client is looking for.


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