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WordPress Club

Updated on March 9, 2014

Getting Started With WordPress

We are developing a network of consolidated resources for you to gather information about WordPress and to get your blog up and running quickly, the right way. This little hub features content that you can use to help you get there fast.

WordPress 3.7 Complete

Packt Publishing's offers the latest complete text for learning WordPress!
Packt Publishing's offers the latest complete text for learning WordPress! | Source

WordPress in the Wild allows you to create a blog and get used to blogging features available in its software. You can pick free themes and organize your blog into categories, and get started quick! But what happens if you need even more from WordPress than the great features over at The answer is to switch to and then you can really unlock the full potential of your blog! To help you on this path, Packet Publishing has just released an excellent book showing you exactly how to unleash the full power of your blog by taking WordPress into the Wild with WordPress 3.7 Complete by Karol Krol and Aaron Hodge Silver!

What You'll Learn

We've delved into a plethora of resources both online and in print to learn the ins and outs of WordPress. In doing so, we have had the opportunity to walk through tutorials, read articles and books, and find out lots about how much there is to know. Recently, Packt asked us for an honest review of their latest release of WordPress 3.7 Complete. We got the book for free to review it, so any links for you to use here in order to explore the book firsthand are there for your convenience as we are not affiliated with the sales of this book and receive no benefit for your visit to the publisher.

So diving right in: Is this new text worthy of your time? Absolutely, yes! We will be referring to it in our future tutorials as well as in articles explaining key features about WordPress. This book teaches beginners and advanced developers alike important Wordpress concepts with step by step instructions as it provides a multitude of resources in each chapter that helps to expand on the knowledge you've learned.

The authors do a great job of walking you through everything you need to get your blog up and running in Wordpress 3.7 Complete. The great thing, too, is that this book will serve you with future releases of WordPress because it fully explains Wordpress as well as best approach practices to its underlying elements making it a resource that lives on. In a nutshell, we learned things about WordPress that we didn't know and we consider ourselves to be experts on the topic!


Diving Into WordPress 3.7 Complete

WordPress 3.7 Complete starts you with important fundamentals and builds your knowledge along the way. What makes it so great is that you are completing tasks early on and by the end of the book you can have a fully functional independent blog! Here's the WordPress 3.7 Complete Book's Roadmap:

  • You are first introduced to all of the important features of WordPress, to the WordPress community, and to all the different ways to set up WordPress to work for your unique, individual needs
  • Next you are given step by step easy to understand instructions for your WordPress Installation, an overview of WordPress administration. and to get going, you create a post, a comment, and a gravatar!
  • The authors walk you through everything you need to know about blogging and creating posts, images, formatting, how to organize your blog, plus more
  • Next you learn in-depth features about WordPress: the media library, pages, creating menus, customizing your headers, and importing content you need, step by step!
  • Guidelines, best practices, and complete information on using WordPress Plugins and Widgets, step by step installation and recommendations of plugins to use to keep your blog running smoothly on WordPress
  • Learn all about WordPress Themes with step by step instructions for finding them, installing them, and what to watch out for to avoid theme catastrophes
  • Next you can take your theme knowledge further by creating a custom theme for your WordPress blog and exact steps to do so
  • Get up to speed with the how to guides on feeds, podcasts, and offline tools for your blog
  • Learn everything you need to build plugins and widgets from first steps, hooks, filters, connecting to the WordPress database, to testing your work and creating shortcodes
  • Steps to get your blog running seamlessly with multiple authors, managing users, and working with a multisite install
  • Next you'll take what you've learned and turn your setup into they exact type of Wordpress Installation you need whether it is a static website, a business or corporate cms, an ecommerce store, a video blog, a membership installation, a social network, and important information on the various plugins and tools that you need to enhance each type of WordPress installation you've just created
  • Finally, you pull all your knowledge together via the book's complete explanation of WordPress Custom Post Types and the step by step instructions for creating, registering, and customizing your administration screen to use your own unique post type data to your best advantage

Take Your Knowledge Even Further!


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A Perfect Start

Following the excellent information you can find in WordPress 3.7 Complete published by Packt is a solid way to launch your WordPress Blog or Website quickly and painlessly. We recommend using it to get up and running right away, and if you want to learn even more, check with the latest releases on other in depth WordPress topics from packt! Join the WordPress revolution the right way!

WordPress Club has a mission of bringing helpful information to WordPress bloggers from all walks of blogging. Please let us know what information you need and have had a hard time locating by commenting below and let us know if this article has helped you in evaluating different resources to learn about WordPress in a fast and efficient way. Thanks!



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