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Work at Home Google Jobs Scam

Updated on July 29, 2014


This is one of the scams appeared on internet ads that lure internet users into clicking on them while persuading them to buy their products. Taking advantage of human greedy nature, these types of one-page websites have flourished on the internet for a few years, feeding on unlimited supply of victims.

Background information

Have you come across and clicked on the banners, and "like" the articles about "work at home Google jobs" using Facebook? Some of them sound like these: "Google Pays me $76 an Hour", "Google has blessed me with a $7,300 job at home", and "Google pay me $173 an hour". All these ads sounds unbelievable - imagine that you just need to post links for Google and you can earn so much money in an hour? Forget it! You can never work for Google like this and the Google Company never hires anybody using ads like these! I think that such websites has become a lucrative income for scammers since they existed on the internet for a few years already!

I usually found such advertisements on Triond sister sites, The Pirate Bay, and other websites which are not strict in choosing their advertising partners.

Such Google scammers even uploaded a number of youtube videos using computer generated voice. Why they are so afraid of using their own voices? When you clicked on the banner as shown on the right, it will generate a page mimicking a financial report from a credible source, such as CNN, BBC, or MSNBC. To my surprise there were 265 thousands Facebook recommendations on this scam page!

In the following paragraphs, I give three reasons on why such claims are actually scams.

Telltale signs of scam 1 - The dateline

I logged into this webpage on 21 March 2012 and "coincidently" they have their dateline set on tomorrow! This is just ridiculous. What they only want is to urge you to register as soon as possible without giving your second thoughts! If you log in the page tomorrow, the dateline will be changed to the day after tomorrow!

Furthermore, I also cannot leave my comment on this page. After I pressed "Submit Comment", the page didn't even load and I received the confirmation message "Your comment has been submitted and is awaiting approval". This is clearly an obvious cheating.

Telltale signs of scam 2 - Terms and conditions

When you scroll further down to the end of the page, you can see their terms and conditions (T&C), written in extremely small letters. This is the part where you really need to read carefully! In the first paragraph, they clarify that they are not affiliated with Google, CNN, MSNBC, or CNN! Now, they admitted that the page they are advertising are not related to any of these reputable companies and this is a fake page resembling a news reporting website.

In the second paragraph, they also admitted that the stories depicted on this website "based loosely off a true story", and had modified the comments section and the photos! So now you can understand how that the stories, comments, and the photos are all fabricated! And they also warned that the stories should not be taken literally, which means that the story depicted on this page does not mean exactly what it should convey to the readers. At the last few lines of the T&C, the owner admitted that the page is actually a "blog", not news reporting website and he receives money from the clicks generated from the page and the products sold, such as Google kits, membership fee of $ 19.99, and monthly membership fee that can reach $100. Obviously, this section was included to avoid legal actions from the authorities!

Some books that you might be interested in

Internet Marketing Confidential: How to Spot the Scams and Lies Internet Marketers Use To Rip Off Authors, Speakers, and Consultants
Internet Marketing Confidential: How to Spot the Scams and Lies Internet Marketers Use To Rip Off Authors, Speakers, and Consultants

This book gives you information on how to avoid internet marketing scam. This is really useful for those people who are looking for ways to make money online.


Telltale signs of scam 3 - Pop-up window

And this is the most annoying part. After I clicked the "X" button to close the webpage, a pop-up window appeared, trying to persuade you stay on page and buy their product. From my experience, such websites with persuading pop-ups after you tried to close their pages are usually scams or desperate people who have something to hide. Have you seen any legitimate websites with such pop-ups? They allow you to close their webpage at any time when you are not happy or not interested with their products.


In conclusion, this Google work at home scam is completely bogus and deceiving. And to my fellow readers, do not click on of this links since you may help such scammers to earn money although you do not buy any products from them!

What do you think about lucrative offers which are claimed to be from Google?

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