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Work At Home Jobs Online

Updated on May 7, 2013

Work At Home Opportunities

Working at home can be a very lucrative opportunity for those who really put the effort into it and are passionate about having their own business. There are lots of fun and easy ways to make money while you work from home.

This is an honest and real review about how I have made money online. You will read about how there is real money to be made and I will give you ideas on how to get you on the road to making some extra income!

Work At Home Jobs Online
Work At Home Jobs Online

Work At Home And Make A Real Living

My personal experience with having a successful online business and how you can too!

I know there are hundreds upon thousands of websites, blogs, ebooks, courses etc out there that teach you affiliate marketing and pound into your head that this is the" work at home job" that will make you millions! They push whatever the latest greatest ebook or affiliate millions that is launching now. I am here to tell you that most of them (not all) are just hype!

Believe me when I say I have tried it all! I have downloaded and bought just about every course there is and read through a lot of them and followed every step. Some of them had some truth to them, a few of them really do work as long as you do the work. Let me say that again... As long as YOU do the work! Over time I have discovered a secret to making real money as an online entrepreneur.

There is real money in affiliate marketing and having your own blog or website does work but if you want to make real money you have to know the secret to success.

Want to know the secret? Wait for it..... You have to want to succeed bad enough, you have to put the effort into it and here is the big one... You have to be passionate about whatever you are promoting/selling! If you want to make real money, don't sell the latest greatest 70 inch HD TV if you know nothing about them or don't own one yourself because if you try to sell a product that you are not passionate or knowledgeable about people/customers will see right through your lack of passion or knowledge and click out of your website and move on to the next site. You see, people need to trust you and believe you when you are going to set up a website or business online.

Let's say for instance, you have a PLR Camera website. You set this site up on Wordpress and put lots of articles on the site with lots of links and pictures and advertizements about PLR Cameras. And lets say you set it up because you want to sell these cameras to people to make some cash and you did your research and found out that these cameras go for hundreds of dollars on Amazon or whatever site you are an affiliate with. So now you have this website up. You paid Google Adwords to set up an advertizement so people can find your site and click on your affiliate links on your site so you can make that cash!!

But why aren't you making the money you thought you were going to make? As a matter of fact you are losing money because you are spending all of your money on Adwords advertizing. Does this sound familiar? Are you with me?

I have experienced this. As a matter of fact this is almost exactly what I did. Guess what, I don't own a camera like this and know very little about photography. See where I'm going with this? I have no business selling these cameras to people because I am not passionate about it.

Want to know what I am passionate about? Beauty! I am a licensed cosmetologist. I have been for years! So that is what I promote. Beauty stuff. :) It really works for me because I know a ton of information about it and I make money from these websites about beauty. Take a look at my other lenses. Most of them are about beauty, health and fitness. That's where I shine. I know a lot about these topics and I am passionate about them.

What you need to do is blog about or make a website about whatever you know a lot about. Do you know a lot about fishing? Do you know a lot about gardening? Do you know a lot about cooking? Make a blog or website about the topic you are passionate about and you will make loads of cash.

Become an affiliate with Amazon or an online store that has an affiliate program. And put up links on your website or blog and start writing about that topic. Share what you know with others. Be original, be passionate, and be yourself. Don't try too hard. Just be yourself. People love that!! They will trust you and buy from you!

Believe me I have learned this through many years of trying too hard. I sounded too much like a sales person and too pushy. People knew that and moved on to the next site and there I was with no sales. But when I put effort into what I loved, and was myself, Boom! I made money!!

Work At Home Jobs Online

The Bottom Line

So here is what I recommend you do. Think about what you love to do. Pick your topic of what you know a lot about. Make a blog or website about your topic, research it on Amazon or whatever website you think you will have an affiliate partnership with and see if the product that goes with your topic is worth promoting. I will give you an example... If you love fishing and you want to make a fishing website.

Let's say Bass fishing or something like that. Then you would go to Amazon and become an affiliate, then go search on the site for fishing poles or bait or fly fishing gear or tackle boxes. Whatever they would use when they go fishing. Now you can put up some posts/articles about these products and why these products would be beneficial to fishing. Be honest and real in the article. Say something like, I use these fishing poles for bass fishing because the reel is awesome. I used it the last time I went fishing and I caught a 17 inch bass with it! (whatever you want to write, this was just an example).

Now you put in a link within the article or you can just put a blatant call to action like "Click Here To Get This Awesome Fishing Pole"

See how it happens? You wrote about something you love and you can get excited about it and then you just say you should use this fishing pole too. And now you made some extra cash from the commission from the sale.

I would like to start an ongoing help desk here on this lens. Tell me what kind of work at home job you are doing now or what you want to do.

I can give you suggestions or just my two cents. I will be honest and open with everyone. This is here to help you. I can't guarantee that you will become rich but I can certainly help you get some ideas, and guide you to the best training if you want to be an affiliate. So, send me a comment here. I would love to hear from you!!

Comments - Tell me what you think about working at home.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I think if you have tried and tried and have been unsuccessful getting a job outside of the home and you know you have work experience and skills that have been used to make money, then if working at home is a way to earn your "bread and butter" then go for it! Who wants to just sit at home and listen to the blues? See my lens about Freelance Writing. That's what I'm doing at present.

    • betsuzlap profile image

      betsuzlap 4 years ago

      @SmokeybonesJr: Thank you SmokeybonesJr. :)

    • SmokeybonesJr profile image

      SmokeybonesJr 4 years ago

      Sage advice Suzie :-) nice lens...