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The world's most dangerous search terms

Updated on December 18, 2011

America's Most Dangerous Search Terms

Work from home for free is a term that may give you some legitimate business offers, but it has a high potential of giving you some very bad results. These results may be phishing sites, identity thieves, and much more dangers lurking. This is one of the most dangerous search terms in North America.

America's favorite home improvement store Lowes is being used to scam people out of their hard earned money. According to the Internet Trends Report for the most dangerous search terms, Lowes has an average risk of 9.6%, and a maximum risk of 33.3%. Watch where you purchase from online.

The phrase that reaches number 2 in the world's most dangerous search terms is lyrics. Lyrics is in high demand by internet users and con artists use this to their advantage. Because the market for lyrics is so large, its hard to not take advantage of the large amount of innocent people. The average risk factor for this keyword is 14.8%, with a maximum risk factor of 50%.

Vivala vida Coldplay lyrics is the riskiest related search term for this category.The most dangerous term in the entire continent of North America is word unscrambler. Word unscrambler has an average risk factor of 16.1%. The maximum chance you have of getting malicious results through this search term is 50%. That's a very high risk percentage so stay away from this keyword.

Canada's Most Dangerous Search Terms

Lyrics is also one of the most dangerous search terms in Canada. Its so easy to widespread viruses through search results while someone is looking for lyrics to their favorite track. The maximum risk factor similar to that of the United States, at 50%. The average percentage is 14.8%.

Free movies made its way on Canada's most dangerous search terms list. As in America, free movie results can often be malicious, or link to bad websites. Many websites ask you to download plugins before you watch online streaming or download the content to your computer. While some of these websites may be genuine c ompanies, some may use this as an opportunity to wreak a little havoc in your computer. The avg percentage of danger with this search term is 7.2%, with a maximum of 22.2%.

Pamela Anderson is a popular celebrity in Canada. Scammers realize this and upload their own websites so they may get all your personal information, drain money out of your accounts, or destroy your computer. When looking at malicious images, your device may be downloading infected software without you knowing about it.

France Most Dangerous Search Terms

Poker is the most dangerous search term in France. Because of its high popularity, virtual con artist create phishing websites to get your financial information and get large sums of cash out of you. The maximum annual risk rate of this search term is 40%. The average chance you have of suffering from this search term is 11.6%.

There's a weakness in the entire card game category because Solitaire is another malicious term for the French. Watch where you download your Solitaire gaming software from. The danger is second only to poker, with a normal risk of 10.4%. The maximum risk factor for this dangerous search term is 33.3%.

Deezer is another search term in France that has a high risk factor. Its one of the most dangerous keywords in the region with an average risk rate of 9.3 and a maximum of 25%.

The World's Most Dangerous Search Term

The world's most dangerous search term is screensavers. Screensavers has the highest risk level in the world. The average risk searching this keyword is 34.4%. The maximum ratio of risk for this search term is 59.1%. That's almost 2/3 of the results for the phrase on the Internet.


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