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Updated on February 7, 2011

Links to the YouTube homepage. Resources on how to make use of YouTube. Background information on YouTube... and so much more.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google Inc. is a video-sharing website, where visitors get the opportunity to:

1. Upload video clips and

2. To watch video clips uploaded by others.

It has been described as one of the websites that truly changed the world.

It is also one of the most popular websites on the Internet, receiving tens of millions of visitors every day. Indeed, the sheer number of people who conduct searches on (and who are in fact just a minority of Youtube users) is enough evidence that it is a phenomenally popular website. Which is just as well, seeing that many of the video clips it gives people access to are either video clips:

1. They wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to view, or

2. Video clips they would otherwise have paid considerable sums of money to view.

The three categories of people who conduct searches on

A considerable number of the people who conduct searches on turn out to be folks who are keen on either:

  1. Passing on certain messages through video clips they have created.
  2. Becoming popular through their videography
  3. Becoming rich through their videography

That, of course, is besides the considerable number of people who run searches on in search of video clips to watch (that is, the fans to the creators/uploaders of the videos. As we have seen, most of the video creators/uploaders are typically motivated by idealism, the desire for fame and the desire for fortune.

Broadcasting yourself, through YouTube (

YouTube’s motto is simple: broadcast yourself. If there is a certain (positive) message you have always wanted to pass on to the world, but you were unable to do so because of barriers placed on your by traditional media moguls, you will find YouTube to be the tool you have always dreamt of. For the way Youtube works is such that anyone can upload videos to it, and once such videos are uploaded, they become available for the whole world to view.

Of course, you may encounter the challenge of promoting your YouTube videos (so that others can view them). But the first challenge, of getting a mass-media platform through which your audience can view the videos will, at the very least, have been removed from your path. In any event, so long as your video is truly view-worthy, you only need to get a few people to know about it, and word about it will spread 'virally' so that you really don’t have to worry about promotion. It is also noteworthy that YouTube has a 'search' feature, so that if you choose the title for your video carefully (in line with stuff people are actually looking for), you can actually have the first people find it through that search feature, with its fame henceforth spreading virally.

How to watch videos on YouTube (

We have to appreciate the fact that a considerable percentage of the folks who try to access YouTube by conducting searches on (rather than by typing the URL into their address bars) are people who are still new to the workings of the Internet. With that in mind, and bearing in mind that this is one of the first resources they are likely to end up in upon conducting such searches on, it becomes worthwhile to explain how one can watch videos on YouTube here (although, admittedly, such a description would seem ‘too obvious’ for Internet pros).

Now there are three ways in which you can access YouTube, to watch videos there.

  1. By simply typing on your computer’s browser, you will end up on the YouTube home page. On that YouTube homepage, you will see a search box. Enter on that search box the name of the video clip you want to watch (or the topic of the video clip you want to watch, if you have no particular name in mind). On the search results which come hereafter, click on the link to the video-clip with a name as close to what you were looking for as possible. Wait for the video clip to load. Then ENJOY! N.B. If your computer doesn’t have an audible speaker, you may need to put on earphones, to hear what is going on in the video. If your computer (or mobile device) has audible speakers, you will instantly start enjoying the video.
  2. By visiting a search engine and entering a search on ‘YouTube’ you will also end up on the YouTube home page, from where you can proceed as described in step 1 above.
  3. By entering the name of the video clip you are looking for, followed by the word you tube – that is, in the format of ‘your desired video clip +Youtube’ the results returned by the search engines will most probably include a link to the particular YouTube video clip. In this case, you just need to proceed to the said video clip (by clicking on the link), and enjoy.

As you can therefore see, you really don’t have to conduct a search on to end up in this video sharing site, although doing so will also lead you there.

How to upload videos onto YouTube (

As we saw earlier, a very considerable percentage of the folks who conduct searches on turn out to be folks who are keen on ‘broadcasting themselves’ through YouTube, by way of uploading videos on it.

Now uploading videos onto YouTube is a little bit harder than viewing (but it is not as hard as you may fear).

As a first step in this direction, you will naturally have to find a way to get onto the YouTube homepage. This you can do by either typing directly into your browser’s URL, or by conducting a search (on the same or a variant of it).

Once you are on the YouTube homepage, you will notice, towards the top, a button/link labeled ‘upload.’ Click on it. This will take you to the YouTube sign in page. If you already have a Google account (for instance the one you use for your Gmail), you can use it to sign in to Gmail. But if you have absolutely no Google account, you will need to sign up for one in a straightforward process, where you will only be required to supply a few very basic details here and there. Registration/signing in complete, you only need to follow YouTube’s simple step by step instructions, to get your video uploaded (in as little as 2 minutes), and available for the whole world to view.

More things you can do on YouTube (, besides watching and uploading video clips:

Besides just watching and uploading video clips on YouTube for fun, you can also:

  1. Market your products through the video clips on YouTube. Indeed, a considerable number of the people conducting searches on turn out to be budding Internet marketers, keen on seeing how they can leverage on YouTube’s video-sharing power to take their trade to the next level.
  2. Comment on the video clips on YouTube: this way, you become part of the dialog surrounding the video clips, and that can often turn out to be quite an adventure.
  3. Have people comment on the Video clips you post on YouTube. This way, if you are a budding videographer, you can get a feel of what people really like (with respect to video clips), so that you can start your videography career on the right footing.
  4. Create ‘playlists’ of video clips you would like to watch in the future. This way, YouTube becomes like your own computer’s media player application, on which you can usually play any video clip you want, create playlists and so on. The only difference, of course, is in the fact that the array of video clips you can work with on YouTube is much bigger.

The cost of using YouTube (

The most attractive thing about YouTube is in the fact that you get to use it free of charge – notwithstanding the huge array of video clips it avails to you, and the huge opportunity to ‘broadcast yourself’ that YouTube avails to you.

That YouTube services are free absolutely  free of charge tends to come as a great surprise to most of the people who conduct searches on; most of whom turn out to be Internet newbies, who expect fantastic services like those provided by YouTube to be paid for. In actual fact, the only cost you incur when using YouTube is the cost of Internet bandwidth you use in streaming the YouTube video clips. And with the falling cost of Internet bandwidth, this is increasingly turning out to be nothing worth thinking about.

Of course, someone pays for the whole YouTube operation – but that is certainly not the end-user of YouTube’s video-sharing services. Rather, it is mostly advertisers who pay to keep the service running.


Chances are that in conducting a search on, you wanted either to:

  1. Get the information (regarding YouTube) presented above or to
  2. Visit YouTube (to which we have given you several links) and make use of its video-sharing services.

Either way, we hope we have been of some help to you, in your quest to access


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