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Does The “Penny Trick” Fix The RROD?

Updated on June 18, 2011

The Penny Trick Basics

You may have heard when trying to find a fix for your Xbox of a trick called the “Penny Trick” a seemingly simple fix that involves sellotaping pennies to the bottom of your motherboard where the thermal pads should be. In this article, I will investigate the effectiveness and quote some people who have succeeded/failed in using it.

The Penny Trick Tutorial

How This Can Fail

Notice the many different ways that this can easily fail. For example, if your thermal paste leaks onto the motherboard, then your Xbox is immediately unusable. If you put it back wrong - If you lose ONE SCREW then your Xbox will cease to work as it can detect when the screws are pulled out. Oh, and did you hear that part about that there is a chance your Live membership will not work after you apply the fix if you attach the components wrong. The console might also display red lights if you wrap the pennies up wrong.

The Towel Trick

Not only are there these errors, but unfortunately, this method also relies on the Towel Trick - If you haven’t heard about it, then you are lucky! The towel trick is basically wrapping your Xbox in a bunch of towels and leaving it on. This has the obvious risk of setting your Xbox and the towels on fire, and can fry your Xbox GPU and motherboard.

Voided Warranty

BEWARE - Using either the Towel Trick or the Penny trick WILL void your Warranty - That means you can no longer send it back to Microsoft to get fixed.


Make sure you do this if you want to permanently brick your Xbox! This gentleman is definitely NOT someone to get guided information from. Send it to Microsoft if you don't know how to ground yourself or even WHAT you are doing/ talking about. ReaperP7
i know im gonna sound really ******* stupid, but im missing the 4 chips next to the xclamp's... and the heat pads that should be on top? i just opened it, and there not there? what should i do? and i know im not looking in the wrong spot. im confused... as ****. xMERKEDx69
Hey man, fantastic video. I was really worried that Id have to get a new xbox or pay hundreds of dollars, and this really worked! floormasterer


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