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Ford Greenfield Village

Updated on November 18, 2010

Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village is a large museum-park that contains many homes, farms and workplaces.  These seem to have been planted at random.

The visitors can take a ride in an ancient Model T or Model A, take a cruise on the lake in a paddle boat, drive around the park in an old steam locomotive, ride a horse tram, or take a joyride on a vintage carousel !

Thomas Edison

Greenfield Village also houses the Edison Laboratories from Menlo and Fort Myers, who were brought to the domain after Edison's death.

In Edison's workshop you'll find his first lamp and the phonograph.

According to the Greenfield Village guide, Edison produced his major inventions in Dearborn, and whatever he invented in his West Orange laboratories only dealt with toy things, like movies and locomotives... ahum !...

The financial side of Edison's business was important too, because he was constantly struggling to keep his head above water, despite his 1,034 patents.

The majority of these, however, concern the tools that he made to examine inventions.

A Collector's dream...

We were unable to identify the purpose of Greenfield Village, or even the specific thread that runs through this collection of exhibits.

Why did Henry Ford actually build Greenfield Village ?

The official answer is that Ford intended it to provide a school for the children of his staff.

Off the record, we heard that it also may merely have been the whim of an extremely wealthy man, to store all of his collectibles...

During his long voyages across the entire world, Ford collected all possible and impossible things. He was a fanatical "keep-aholic", who never threw away anything whatsoever.

After his death, several trunks were discovered, in which he kept minute trivia. For instance, they found a written note with the price of a home delivered pizza, dated fifty years earlier !...

Henry Ford certainly was a most remarkable man !

Greenfield Village


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