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Las Vegas

Updated on July 31, 2013

Flowers and Champagne

Flowers and Champage
Flowers and Champage

Choosing our Chapel

We started by deciding what sort of Las Vegas wedding we wanted. There are hundreds and hundreds of chapels and hotels that offer weddings. They offer everything from nip in and 10 minutes later it is all done, to helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, or just make your own to suit you. Paying anything from about $50.00 to the sky is the limit, from no guest to as many as you can pay for.

We had only the two of us and our two grown up children, both over 18. Las Vegas, is not really the place for young children, for any period of time.

We were booking to go for 5 days in Las Vegas,after driving from LA.

First of all we needed to choose what we wanted, we had decided on an Elvis Wedding! My (now) husband wanted the Elvis dressed in his white Jumpsuit and he also wanted to pick the songs Elvis sang. We did not want to pay too much and just wanted something fun to remember the day by.

How we started was to first search the internet, it is mind blowing, there are hundreds, we also checked out Trip Adviser to see what other people had said, but just actually choosing one was so hard, we ended up getting carried away and having a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and Elvis marrying us, then after deciding we were just getting a bit swept away with it all we calmed down, we are not the romantic sort, hence the Elvis wedding in Vegas!

To decide we made a spreadsheet (sorry too organized I know) but it did help us narrow down what we wanted and how much we wanted to pay, which was as little as we could get away with really.

We narrowed it down to about 10 chapels that did the sort of wedding what we wanted and the sort of price we wanted to pay, put what they offered in the spreadsheet and the cost. I wanted a limo from the hotel, I have never been in one and wanted to drive through Las Vegas in a limo, if you are going to go in a limo, Las Vegas is the place to do it. I wanted flowers, but not anything fancy. There are lots of add ons too that you can pick, so we eventually narrowed it down, it was a good way of seeing everything you wanted in one place. Once we got to about three we did have a look on trip adviser, but I do think you have to be a bit careful taking notice of everything, and read in between the lines a little, you do, get what you pay for, with everything, including a Las Vegas wedding, if you pay $300 you are going to get a $300 wedding..

We added on the DVD and a few more photos to our package, once we had found the one we thought would suit us best.

We emailed two or three with a few questions and the ones that came back with the right sort of answers we wanted we finally made our choice.

Which chapel we went for it not really of consequence as they are all similar and it is down to personal choice of what you want from it.

In the Limo

The deed is done!
The deed is done!


Next, after choosing our chapel, the one thing you need to do is to have a hotel booked, so we had to wait until we knew which hotel we were staying in before we could book the wedding. Once we had done that, I filled in an on line form, but could not pay on line. So once I had completed the form I sent an email with my home phone number.

The chapel contacted me back, as we were in Derbyshire England and they were in Las Vegas, it was an evening call. Anyway, all good, we sorted everything out we wanted on the phone, white jump suited Elvis and all..Paid for our wedding and the only thing we had to do was to pick our three songs we wanted Elvis to sing for us, we had not decided yet but were told that was not a problem as long as they knew a couple of weeks before the day.

The other thing we had to do was get the licence in Nevada, again this can be filled in on line. There is a link at the bottom of this article. You can apply up to 60 days before, if you are divorced or widowed all you have to do is put in the month, day, year of the finalized divorce of death certificate date. Name of parents, etc.

You then pay $60 on the day when you get there. This we thought would be a huge wait, but is was easy, and because we had done all the paperwork before hand we were in and out, they were very organized and very quick.

There are a lot of people outside trying to sell you weddings, all handing out flyers.

Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas Sign
Las Vegas Sign

The BIG day!

The morning of the wedding we just stayed round the pool with one or two cocktails, all very sophisticated, we got a call from the Chapel, asking if we wanted to bring the wedding forward an hour as they had a slot, we were getting married about 6pm and this would mean it would be about 5pm we agreed as we were not very busy!

There was a slight mix up with the limo, which I have to admit was my fault, the phone rang in the hotel room and the line went dead, we were told to wait in the room until someone called and that would be our limo driver. I assumed that this meant the car was here, which it did, but they actually were going to talk to me, so we rushed down to the lobby, to get the car, no car, I rang the chapel, and they had been ringing our room but no reply, as we were all outside waiting. All ended okay and the driver was really friendly and chatting to us about Las vegas and other things.

The chapel was what we thought it would be, the aisle, was a corridor, the minister was very quick, what happens is, the minister marries you, then Elvis does the rest, when Elvis marries you, you are actually already married. The minister was quite funny and just said, I take it neither of you have been forced here and you both agree, there you go you are married. They give you time to take a few photos and you get a very nice Nevada certificate. If you want to get the actual one you can apply when you get home to the same place as you get your licence from, which I did. He is not getting out of it now!

Then you meet 'Elvis' who was very funny and put us all at ease, again a bit of a mix up with the songs, this time not my fault, but it was fun, lots of photos were taken, DVD was good, the wedding lasted about 20 minutes, but we had a real laugh, which is want we wanted. We didn't want anything serious or romantic, just a fun memory. We got the limo back to the hotel or where ever we wanted (in Las Vegas) we wanted to get a photo at the Las Vegas sign, so the driver dropped us off at a hotel close to the sign and said it would be best to get a taxi there and ask them to wait, as he could not wait there with the limo, so that is what we did.

Everyone at the chapel were friendly and nice and we had a great time, I would recommend it if you want a fun wedding with not much fuss. The bouquet was sweet and fresh roses with gyp, which I kept and let dry out in our room then put in a plastic cup filled with tissue paper and managed to get it home in one piece. I have still got it now. Elvis was very funny and the photos are fun, we are all posing on most of them.

One thing you have to bear in mind is that you have to tip the minister, tip the driver, tip the photographer and tip Elvis. You do have to take quite a bit for tip money.

The Bouquet

The bouquet
The bouquet


A Las Vegas wedding or renewal of vows is fun, but can become more expensive than you really wanted. You have to know what you want and stick to it. Do a bit of research and find what you want, as the problem with listening to other people is what they did, or had, may not be what you want, and if they enjoyed the day it does not mean you will or if they were disappointed you might love it!

The main thing is that a Las Vegas wedding is is easy, everything is done for you, you can dress up or fancy dress or have the whole wedding gown. Wedding gowns can be hired as can suits, and fancy dress outfits. You can do anything you like there, as long as can pay for it.

If you want to do it really cheaply you can, but you have to be very unromantic to nip in sign the form with the minister and go! but that might be for you, who knows.

Just remember the tip envelopes and take plenty of money, it is basically $60 for the minister, $40 for the Limo driver, $40 for Elvis and $40 for the photographer.

As I said you get what you pay for, cheap and cheerful or expensive and lush, so Happy Wedding!!

We had cheap and cheerful, and it was..


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