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How to plan your vacation? Useful tips!

Updated on September 21, 2013

Planned enjoyment!

'A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.'- Earl Wilson

You slog tirelessly from Monday to Friday in your work place and the tension and stress you experience leave you sapped of energy. You work from early morning to late night and your hectic lifestyle drains you and you are always fatigued. Is it possible for you to continue working without any reprieve? You will burn out if you do not take a break in between your tight work schedule.

How to relieve your work tension?

Planning a vacation can make you feel relaxed and relieved. The hike in transportation fares and expensive accommodation make vacation a luxury for you. Do you have to go to exotic and far away places to enjoy your time with family? No, you need not. It is the fun you have with your family and the tension free atmosphere which make your vacation memorable.

Unless you plan your vacation, you will not enjoy it. There are lots of arrangements to be made to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. The joy of your family members when you plan the vacation and the waiting period for the date to draw near make it all the more exciting.

What are things to do when you plan your vacation?

1.Frank discussion.

You should have a frank discussion with your family about the budget of your vacation. You should have a wide choice of places from which they can select. Discuss with them the pros and cons of the places and be willing to listen to their choice. You should not try to force your choice on them and feel free to allow your children have their say. They will be delighted.


You should have all the needed documents ready if you plan your vacation overseas. Look out for discounts as you can save money on them. If you are planning your vacation inside your country, you can travel either by train or plane. You should book your tickets well in advance so that you can start your vacation in a comfortable mindset.

3.Decide on the accommodation

You should have the budget in your mind when you chose the hotel. Do not get carried away and stay in a high end hotel as most of your money will be depleted in paying the hotel bills. There are lots of accommodations available to suit your budget. But you should confirm whether the hotel is neat because a dirty and gloomy atmosphere can rob the happiness of your stay.

4.Pack the necessary dresses

Select dresses according to the weather there. If it is winter time, sweaters, snow shoes, woolen shawls, blankets and caps are all essential. If it is summer time, casual cotton wears, broad brimmed hats to protect you from the sun, sun glasses, and sunscreen are all important.

5.Have money for shopping.

Set aside money for shopping as you will want to buy the unique things available there. Do not go on a very tight budget as you will not enjoy your vacation. Do not promise too many things for your colleagues and friends as you will not have money for your own shopping. You can buy them souvenirs within your budget.

6.Inform your high officials.

You should not inform the management about your vacation at the last minute. You should notify them about the leave as soon as you book your tickets so that they can make alternate arrangements to substitute your absence. You should also not leave any pending work as it places the management in unnecessary strain and it will act negatively against you when you return to work.

7.Be hale and healthy.

Check your health before you start for your vacation. Do not forget the medicines you regularly take. You do not want to fall ill during your vacation, do you?

8.Pets should be taken care of.

You feel concerned about your pets when you plan your vacation, don’t you? They are like children to you and you do not want to leave them behind. Make arrangements for your pets. Sometimes neighbors might help you or otherwise you should look for a pet care. There are pet friendly hotels springing up and you have the choice of taking your pet along with you.

9.Select the landmarks.

It is very important that you visit the important landmarks of your vacation place. You should research about it before starting your vacation and make apt arrangements for it. You do not want to miss seeing it and rue about it when you return, do you?

10.Be on time

You should start from home well in advance to the airport or railway station so that you are in time for the departure. Traffic jams can delay your arrival and you do not want to start your vacation in a tense mood, do you?

'The thing I love most about going on vacation is that I get to leave behind any kind of schedule. My entire life is scheduled from morning to night, and when I'm on vacation, there is no schedule.' - Kelly Clarkson.

You cannot work without a break and hope to give your best. When you take a vacation, you will feel energized and raring to start work with a refreshed mentality. Well planned and well spent vacations are actually great stress relievers.

© 2013 mathira


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