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Yemen, the paradise on the earth001

Updated on October 31, 2012

Yemen is a Muslim Arabic country which is located in the western south of the Arabic peninsula . it is surrounded by water from two directions: west and south which gives it wonderful beaches . there are many historical and beautiful places you should see when you visit Yemen. I will mention some places in this article, those I have been to and experienced myself.

Seiyun Museum
Seiyun Museum

One of the places that has given Yemen a special and unique history is the Palace of Sultan Al-Kathery in Seiyun City, Hadroamout governorate . This palace is located nearly in the middle of the city. With time, it has been changed to Seiyun Museum with about forty five rooms which exhibit some handcrafts and other tools used that time. I have not been inside the palace or museum but have heard a lot about it. For more pictures of this palace please visit :

Another matchless place is the reservoirs of Aden city . Aden Reservoirs is a beautiful place that is found in Attwielah Valley and which are surrounded by Shamsan mountain . When you visit this place , you go through the main door to a long passage which leads you to the reservoirs . To the both sides of the passage there is a garden planted with green trees and colorful flowers . It is usually used as a place of rest for families . Many tourists from around the world enjoy visiting this place.

Additionally, Aden city has another magnificent place that fascinates visitors is Serah Castle which is located on Serah Island to the east of Crater City . This castle is one of the ancient monuments In Yemen . No one neglects the splendid view this place has . It has been there for many years . People usually used to walk on rocky path to reach the peak of the mountain where the castle is . But now, a long smoothed path was made for people to visit and enjoy the view on the top . So women and children can visit it these days .Serah Castle tells a lot about the life in the past .

Ibb City is another example of incomparable places here in Yemen . It is green and wonderful . Two places I have visited there are Rabbi Mountain and the waterfalls of this city . These places are crowded by those who are in love with nature and usually leave wonderful impact on them. Everything is green there , wherever you looked : left or right, front or back , you will never think of leaving .

Yemen has no limit of such matchless places. It is a wonderful country that tells a lot about its history. It is unique and magnificent country that makes you proud of being a citizen there .


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