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10 Attractions You Should Not Miss in New York

Updated on September 13, 2015


The world capital of entertainment, business, media & fashion is every traveler’s delight. Occupied with innumerable places worth not missing, here are top 10 attractions everyone MUST visit in his lifetime:

  1. Statue of Liberty:

The modern world’s Symbol of Victory was actually a gift to America from France. Established in 1886, the statue stands tall & proud since last 130 years. If you want to see how the Goddess of Victory sees the world beneath it, a visit to the Statue of Liberty is a must. Don’t forget to click a few pictures while being there, because those will be best selfies you could ever take!

  1. Empire State Building

Sometimes remained the tallest building in the world before it lost the crown to World Trade Center and then regained it again in 2001 and then lost it again to the Burj Khalifa, the Empire State Building is a 102-story building standing tall at 281 meters. The panoramic view of the building itself is a treat, but more fascinating is inside it where resides two laboratories. Climb to its top floor, and you should be able to see entire New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania lying beneath.

  1. Central Park

Central Park is the heartbeat of New York where New Yorkers gather for picnics. Indeed, it is one of those things that make New York more than just a concrete jungle. Apart from the eternal beauty, the park has many more attractions within including the Strawberry Fields, Zoo, and the Lake, etc. Spend some cool moments here and watch the elegance of Mother Nature beautifully carved by human artisans.

  1. Broadway and Shubert Alley

During your journey to New York, you must take a Broadway Show. The place is popular as the highlight of American Theatre and is well-cherished for sparkling performances. Simply get an idea of its popularity – you will have to purchase the ticket at least six months in advance because all shows in next six months go house full.

Nearby is the Shubert Alley, which is a famous alley having two playhouses – the Shubert and the Booth. Many legendary actors visit this theatre to get an opportunity of performing here. The theatre has the world record of performing 6,137 shows of famous play “A Chorus Line”.

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or The Met as they call it, is a rich collection of over 2 million masterpieces of art. Some stunning inclusions to the museum are the American Decorative Art, Armors, Traditional Costumes, Musical Instruments, Photographs, and much more. If you are a history geek and have some interest in exploring ancient art, it’s the right place for you.

  1. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is the hub of Media in New York, housing the offices of various media channels including NBC-TV. More interesting is a skating rink located outside the building, which is frequented by millions of people in winters. Be there for Christmas, and you will be able to see a completely different incarnation of this place.

  1. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue in New York is a shopper’s paradise. The place remains life with thousands of shopaholics round-the-clock. Many leading merchandisers have their stores there, selling almost everything. All you need is a lot of money in your pocket to shop here. And even if you are not a shopper, a walk to this street will be ‘A Walk to Remember’.

  1. Times Square

Times Square is a popular place, more popular due to its buzzing crowd. Be it any hour of the day, you will find people wandering through the streets. Skyscrapers, shopping malls, theatres, food joints and much more make it a preferred place to hang out. Despite inviting millions of people every single day, it is the safest area in New York.

  1. Wall Street

World’s economy marches with the Wall Street, the largest stock exchange marketplace on this planet. A building that experiences billions of dollars being exchanged every single day, it is also a traveler’s delight. However, tourists are not allowed to enter the building without any purpose – however, you may enjoy the attractions located nearby.

  1. St. Patrick's Cathedral

Renowned as the finest example of Gothic Revival in the entire country, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a must visit place whether or not you believe in God. The massive bronze doors welcome you to the church and then located inside are the marble façade, the Great Organ, and the statue of Pieta. The church is frequented by more than 5 million visitors every single year. While in New York, it’s a must you visit this place of eternal beauty & human excellence.


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    • Sam Tumblin profile image

      Sam Tumblin 2 years ago from Eunice, La.

      Thanks for sharing your choice of attractions.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Great list. Bronx Zoo? Might be a little difficult to get there from Manhattan using public transportation. But worth it. Circle Line tour might good too. Yankee Stadium (although probably not as appealing as the original).