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10 Best Destinations to Study Abroad for 2013

Updated on December 12, 2012

Falling in love with a particular university is a common thing. It has been something that fresh graduates of senior high share. But with the many great universities out there, for sure there are a couple of options in your mind. Who said falling in love with more than just one is wrong? The world has many great places to discover, and universities to seek admittance from. Thing is though, where exactly is it best to study?


Here is a list of our 10 best destinations to study abroad for 2013. These are where we deem are best places to study abroad. We have considered a couple of things and if these also matter to you, then we suggest that you go and pick among these ten possible places to spend the next best years of your life. College life is such a life changer, that deciding where exactly to take it is a little hard. But with these short listed options, may you find where your heart would delight – and your credentials be elevated to its greatest possible potentials.


United Kingdom

UK has produced many world leaders who helped shape the world as it is now. Talk about Newton, Gandhi and many others who took their degrees in this wonderful country. It is still among the world’s most influential nations due to its progressive systems. A number of universities in the country are still consistent in being part of the world’s best. Consistency being considered, then this is sure the top contender for the best places to study abroad. Aside from its academic standing, the country also has a very promising cosmopolitan set-up.



Canadian universities are also among the best in the world; graduates from the likes of Acadia University, College Militaire Royale and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal are internationally recognized. The country is also among the safest places to live in, as according to the United Nations. So it is no doubt, this country is a top choice, too.



The country down under is a very accommodating nation, if you come from the United States; it is not hard adjusting here. Asian and Brits are likely to feel at home as well due to the geographical and cultural proximities. Aside from these, the country is among the best places to study abroad because it promises employment as far as Europe.



Twelve of the top 200 universities in the world are in this country, need we say more?



Aside from being home to the University of Bologna, world’s oldest university; Italia has a reputation in the likes of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Economics, History, Law and Social Sciences. And pizza and pasta after class are but heavenly!



This country has a consistent large number of foreign students yearly; this is due to the diversity of the country. It is not an exaggeration to say that USA has it all. It has too, one of the best educational systems in the world. Employment after, and even during the course of your study is highly probable. Many international firms are also housed in the country, making it among the best places to study abroad – and work at after.


New Zealand

The country has eight universities that individually offers world recognized programs. It is a booming destination, and since the government has invested heavily on education in the recent years, earning a degree here is truly advantageous – plus almost half the price as compared to other countries.



If you wish to pursue the liberal arts, the country is the best place to be in. A rich diversity of art, from its traditional form, to culinary, hospitality and industries in between, France has universities and institutions that train future trend setters. It’s a richly experience studying here.



Probably the best of Asia so far, it has a British-based educational system that has consistently been recognized as a leader in international education. This predisposes students into an elevated standard. Also, it is in Asia, a booming continent that promises possible employment in a very cosmopolitan set up. This country is truly among the best places to study abroad.



Germany offers a vibrant contrast as to what the other countries listed here offers. But none the less, it also offers at par educational standards. Rich in history and the great outdoors, the country is a very peaceful place to take a degree at. It is slowly becoming a top destination for foreign student who prefer the best of European culture in a rather laid back context.

That’s just about it. Happy choosing!


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